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Ideal for heavy-duty applications

Extremely high output torques, quiet running and a long service life: These are the outstanding features of the industrial gear units from NORD DRIVESYSTEMS in a one-piece UNICASE housing.

Our MAXXDRIVE® industrial gear units provide high output torques from 15,000 to 282,000 Nm and are perfect for use in heavy-duty applications such as agitators, belt drives, mixers, mills and bucket elevators.

High performance under difficult conditions


Our MAXXDRIVE® industrial gear units are available in different series. The wide option range allows for their ideal adjustment to each application.

Gear units can be installed in six installation positions so that they can always optimally fit into the structure and the given installation space.


During the 80s, NORD’s engineers developed the one-piece UNICASE housing. It allows for the installation of large roller bearings into our MAXXDRIVE® industrial gear units.

An innovative design as well as high-quality, low-friction bearings and excellent load capacities ensure a long service life.


The flexible NORD MAXXDRIVE® modular system offers various combination and extension options for all requirements of your application.

Furthermore, we provide perfectly matched complete solutions for your applications.

Industrial gear units in bulk goods handling

By using the proven UNICASE housing concept, our MAXXDRIVE® industrial gear units offer high load capacities paired with a reduced risk of leakage.

The right-angle gear units can therefore easily withstand the harsh conditions of use on the conveyor belt.

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Driven by your requirements

Are you interested in our MAXXDRIVE® portfolio? Our specialists are always at your disposal and offer valuable advice on your requirements.

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Tailor-made industrial gear units for your use


MAXXDRIVE® industrial gear units for high-torque applications

MAXXDRIVE® industrial gear units are available as parallel gear units or right-angle gear units. They are installed in the one-piece UNICASE housing developed by us, and can accommodate large roller bearings, which guarantee a long service life. By the way: NORD is the industrial gear unit manufacturer with the world's largest industrial gear units in a UNICASE housing.

Find out more about the complete MAXXDRIVE® portfolio and its advantages for your application.

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MAXXDRIVE® right-angle gear units

Heavy-duty and durable
Our MAXXDRIVE® right-angle gear units are ideal for all heavy-duty applications where a compact and right-angled arrangement of motor and machine shaft is usual.

MAXXDRIVE® parallel gear units

High-torque and reliable
MAXXDRIVE® parallel gear units from NORD deliver highest performance every day in heavy-duty applications such as agitators, mixers, drums or crushers.


Precision-made and optimised
The two-stage right-angle gear version of the MAXXDRIVE® XT industrial gear unit is manufactured according to the proven UNICASE housing principle and is available in all sizes. Large roller bearings and centre distances increase the load capacity and service life of the components.


The new MAXXDRIVE® XD from NORD combines proven MAXXDRIVE® components with a geometrically optimised one-piece housing that has been specially designed for high loads. The extended centre distance replaces the use of oversized gear units and thus reduces the weight of the gear units used by 60%. The newest supplement of our industrial gear units is also equipped with an inspection cover allowing for a simple and easy inspection of internal components.

With the development of the new MAXXDRIVE® XD series, NORD completes its proven range of MAXXDRIVE® industrial gear units specifically for lifting gear applications.

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Optimal for use

High-solid paints

Fewer solvents and more economic efficiency
We use the latest generation of high-solid paints, which considerably reduces the emission of solvents far below the legally required limits.

Condition Monitoring

Condition monitoring for predictive maintenance
Condition monitoring records drive and status data either periodically or continuously. The objective is to proactively maintain machines and plants in order to improve reliability and efficiency, reduce downtimes and increase the efficiency of the entire plant.

Total Cost of Ownership

TCO reduction
Our goal for our customers is to reduce the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). This includes all costs associated with the purchase, operation, potential maintenance and recycling of a drive system.

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