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NORD DRIVESYSTEMS equips its products with QR codes

With effect from the start of the LogiMAT trade show at the end of April 2023, NORD DRIVESYSTEMS will equip its products with a QR code. “With this, we will provide our customers with an easier access to the service department”, explains Jörg Niermann, Head of Marketing.

Bargteheide, 2023-04-24

Scanning this code with your mobile forwards you to the “Digital services” selection menu”. From here, customers can contact the service department and directly reach the right contact persons of their country organisation. The contact persons speak the customers’ mother tongue and the individually used drive solution is directly displayed on their monitors. Of course, it is also possible to establish contact by telephone. Here, customers must indicate the serial number of their drive component displayed in “Digital Services”.

Prospect: digital updates

Customers can also navigate to the documentation of their components and to a list of potential spare parts. Furthermore, they can contact their responsible sales department or directly jump to the myNORD customer portal. In the long run, NORD is working on the possibility to inform its customers of digital updates for their frequency inverters etc. via “Digital Services”.