Status Monitoring


Endoscopic gear unit inspection

It enables fast and cost-effective status analysis of thegear teeth (including wear check), the roller bearings and other components within thegear unit.

  • Preventative maintenance concept through early detection of damage
  • Quick and cost-effective status monitoring, as the gear unit does not need to bedisassembled (the inspection is made through the cover cap holes in the housing)
  • By regular recording of the state of wear or damage of the gear unit, the life of thedrive unit can be extended by means of suitable measures.

For our customers, this means:

  • Reduction of down times due to wear
  • Improved system reliability and availability by prevention of potential faults
  • Analysis and evaluation of maintenance results in standard reports with experts'recommendations
  • Future-oriented forecasts of the availability of your systems, with the aim ofminimising service age-related downtimes
  • Basis for risk assessments and investment decisions