Economical, safe, efficient

If desired, our NORD project team advises and supports your engineering. It is also possible that one of our NORD engineers actively takes part in the selection process.

Project Development

Easily ordered, logically supplied

We adapt to your logistics concepts – not vice versa. Apart from call-off agreements and classic online and offline schemes, you can simplify your logistics via Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and automatically trigger your order, for example with barcode or RFID (Radio Frequency Identification). Agreed package prices ensure cost certainty and transparency.


With subsidiaries and sales partners in 89 countries on 5 continents, we look after your projects on an international scale. The NORD Group is networked worldwide. This means: additional global stock transparency and simple deadline tracking.

Order and delivery processes tailored to your needs
Transparent cost structure and deadlines
High efficiency
Possibility of automation

For our customers, this means:

  • Optimum order processes
  • Transparent deadline tracking
  • Reduced logistics efforts
  • One central warehouse and additional regional warehouses
  • Creation of dedicated customer stock