Decentralised drive solutions for Industry 4.0

NORD 4.0 Ready

NORD DRIVESYSTEMS decentralised drive units with integrated PLC can control both simple and complex applications directly. This reduces the load on the higher level system control unit and enables modular system designs and autonomous production units.

Intelligent drive units

The inverter PLC evaluates the application data and transfers it directly to a sequence control unit as required. In addition, it provides the relevant data to the control level and other networked components in real time. The drive electronics provide the necessary extensive interfaces.


Internal interfaces

for monitoring drive and system data such as torque, drive temperature and load.

Field bus and industrial Ethernet interfaces

for networking with the control and regulation level via all common communication protocols.

Digital interfaces

for recording sensor data and controlling actuators (e.g. pneumatic systems)

Analogue interfaces

for the connection of analogue sensors (e.g. pressure, fill level)