NORDAC® FLEX Variable Frequency Drive - SK 200E

Greater Flexibility for Reduced TCO Costs and Greater ROI

  • Power range: 0.33 – 30 HP (0.25 – 22 kW)
  • Protection class: IP55, IP66
  • Wall-mount or motor-mount
  • Modular structure provides maximum flexibility
Mountable motor size: Asynchronous Motors (AC), Synchronous Motors (AC)

The NORDAC® FLEX is NORD’s most flexible variable frequency drive. With their fully scalable functions, they can be tailored to all customer applications. Installation and maintenance of the NORDAC® FLEX is incredibly fast and easy due to its wide range of functions and easy parameter transfer via EEPROM memory.

  • Power range: 0.33 – 30 HP (0.25 – 22 kW)
  • Single-phase: 110 – 120 V, 1/3-phase: 200 – 240 V, 3-phase: 380 – 500 V
  • Protection class: IP55, IP66
  • ATEX zone 22 3D
  • Wall-mounted, motor-mounted
  • Functional safety
  • SK CU4, SK TU4 plug-in control modules
  • SK CU4, SK TU4 extension modules

  • 4x Digital In, 2x Digital Out, 2x Analog In
  • Optional In/Out extension
  • Functional safety: STO, SS1, SLS, SSR, SDI, SOS, SSM and PROFIsafe
  • Ethernet interface can be extended for each option module
  • Encoder interfaces: HTL, CANopen
  • Parameter structure compatible with all NORD variable frequency drives
  • Parameterization via plug-in control module, NORDCON software tool, or app
  • 4 parameter sets can be switched directly online
  • Integrated brake rectifier for motor brake control
  • Motor brake management, lifting gear functionality
  • 4-quadrant operation with integrated brake chopper
  • PLC-functionality for drive-related functions
  • V/f control, current vector control in open-loop and closed-loop mode
  • High precision regulation and large overload characteristics for synchronous and asynchronous motors
  • POSICON integrated positioning mode and synchronous operation
  • Integrated line filter



Symach Palletizer

Dynamic Palletization

Palletizing machines have a key function in production and distribution processes. They have to function smoothly to prevent product flow hold-ups, and they have to be adaptable to different goods and applications.

Hamburg Airport

Suitcases on Parade at Hamburg Airport

There are several miles of conveyor belts at Hamburg Airport. In the luggage processing area, these conveyors are responsible for a combination of feeding, holding and sorting. An efficient organization of transport and storage is essential. The reliability of the conveyor system and the prevention of breakdowns ensured by powerful drive technology has top priority.