Strong Partner with Industry Knowledge

Manufacturers and operators of all types of packaging machines and transport systems need a strong partner with great expertise in drive technology and profound industry knowledge in the packaging industry. NORD DRIVESYSTEMS® is this reliable partner.

Asynchronous motors enable maximum process stability, reduce vibration and the risk of damage to the load or packaging machine. Read more in our white paper "Drive Technology in End-of-Line Packaging".

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Drive Solutions for the packaging industry

Electric drives play an important role for packaging machines. They can be used to convey packaging material, to drive tools, and to form and seal packages. These drives are essential to monitor and control the overall process.

They provide cost-efficient, precise, and reliable solutions for the entire packaging process. Electrical drive systems are easy to install, maintenance friendly, energy efficient, and can be quickly adapted to the requirements in the packaging process.

We Offer

  • High-quality, durable, and efficient products tailored to your application
  • Vertically and horizontally networked technology with all the options for sensor incorporation and integration into the higher level control system
  • Value-added engineering
  • Tailor-made service over the life cycle of your drive systems

Powerful Drives in End-of-Line Packaging

Heavy pallets, boxes, bags, and containers are moved in end-of-line packaging. Heavy loads must be transported over long travel distances. This requires individual and powerful drive systems. NORD DRIVESYSTEMS® offers drive components for all types of packaging, strapping, and palletizing machinery from a single source. NORD’s decentralized asynchronous motors with higher inertia are an ideal solution. Electric drives with higher inertia in the rotor ensure quality control and stability when moving heavy loads.

NORD offers drive solutions for the following processes in end-of-line packaging:

  • Palletizing
  • Wrapping
  • Strapping

Efficiently Driven with Electric Motors

Electric drives have become more popular than pneumatic ones for secondary packaging machinery. Electrical drive systems are more efficient, precise, and controllable, allowing for more efficient processes. Electric drives also have a longer service life and require less maintenance than pneumatic drive systems. For these applications, NORD DRIVESYSTEMS® offers a wide portfolio of drive components: motors, gear units, and drive electronics.

In secondary packaging, we offer drive solutions for the following processes:

  • Carton erecting
  • Filling
  • Sealing
  • Foiling
  • Enveloping
  • Shrinking

Hygienic Drives in Primary Packaging

Food, pharmaceuticals, and other hygiene-sensitive products are common items to be found in primary packaging. Drive systems in these applications must be easy to clean and resistant to chemical cleaning agents and potential contamination.

In primary packaging, we offer drive solutions for the following processes:

  • Dosing
  • Filling
  • Forming
  • Labeling
  • Sealing

Modular Drive Concept for All Applications

Supplying, storing, and transporting are all important stages of processing in the packaging industry. Powerful and efficient drive systems are required to transport indidivual units or large containers. With NORD DRIVESYSTEMS®’ wide portfolio, the team at NORD always finds suitable solutions needed for specific requirements.

We offer drive solutions for high-level applications for the following processes:

  • Conveying
  • Pushing
  • Rotating
  • Transporting
  • Packaging handling

Decentralized Drive Solutions for End-of-Line Packaging

NORD asynchronous technology with its increased inertia has decisive advantages in end-of-line packaging. When moving heavy loads, it ensures better control than conventional servo solutions. It also provides stability and reduces vibrations and the risk of damaging the load or packaging machine.

Find out more in our white paper: Decentralized Drive Solutions with Controlled Frequency Inverters in End-of-Line Packaging”.

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Drive Technology for the Packaging Industry

The focus is on positioning accuracy and chemical resistance in primary packaging, and on the performance of the drives in end-of-line packaging. Some applications require higher hygienic standards for drive components.

Different criteria determine processing stages in the packaging industry: NORD DRIVESYSTEMS® offers optimally adjusted components for all stages. Together with you, our industry experts will develop a drive solution tailored to your requirements.


Two-Stage Helical Bevel Gearmotor

SK135 NORDAC Start Motor Starter on a NORDBLOC.1

  • Performance: 0.16 hp - 12.3 hp (0.12 kW - 9.2 kW)
  • Torque: 50 Nm - 660 Nm

NORDBLOC.1® Helical In-Line Gearmotor

NORDBLOC®.1 helical in-line gearmotor

  • Performance: 0.16 hp - 50 hp (0.12 kW - 37 kW)
  • Torque: 30 Nm - 3,300 Nm


NORD Flexbloc worm drive unit

  • Performance: 0.16 HP - 5.5 HP
  • Torque Range: 186 lb-inch - 3,780 lb-in

UNICASE™ CLINCHER™ Parallel Shaft Gearmotor

NORD parallel shaft mount

  • Performance: 0.16 HP - 268 HP
  • Torque Range: 974 lb-inch - 885,075 lb-in
  • Slim design for space-saving installation

Electric Motors

IE3 Asynchronous Motors

NORD AC universal motor

  • Performance: 0.16 hp - 75 hp (0.12 kW - 55 kW)
  • Efficiency class IE3
  • Protection class IP66

IE5+ Synchronous Motors

IE5+ synchronous motor (TEFC)

  • Performance: 0.47 hp - 5.4 hp (0.35 kW - 4.00 kW)
  • Efficiency class IE5+
  • Compact design
  • Available with chemically resistant nsd tupH™ and/or IP69K

Drive Electronics


SK 300P - NORDAC ON/ON+ - frequency inverter

  • Power range: 0.5 hp - 1.3 hp (0.37 - 0.95 kW)
  • Decentralized variable frequency drive
  • Plug & play for fast commissioning
  • Reduced wiring effort


  • Power range: 0.34 hp - 30 hp (0.25 - 22 kW)
  • Decentralized variable frequency drive
  • Plug & Play for fast commissioning
  • Reduced wiring effort


NORD frequency inverter

  • Power range: 0.47 hp - 10 hp (0.35 - 7.5 kW)
  • Flexible decentralized variable frequency drive
  • Simple installation due to plug-in capability


NORDAC PRO - SK 500P - Frequency Inverter

  • Power range: 0.34 hp - 30 hp (0.25 - 22 kW)
  • Control cabinet variable frequency drive
  • Multi-protocol Ethernet interface


NORD DRIVESYSTEMS offers modular and ideal drive concepts for your application.

Various mechanical (flanges, shaft sizes), and electronic bus interfaces allow for flexible integration into packaging machinery.

Drive systems with decentralized inverters allow for more flexibility in design contraints of your project.


Decentralized drive solutions from NORD DRIVESYSTEMS are less expensive to purchase than conventional servo solutions.

When used with decentralized frequency inverters, components such as control cabinets and wiring are eliminated and the setup effort is significantly lower.

Depending on the system type and application, the savings can be up to 50%.


NORD synchronous motors impress with long- service life and low downtimes.

They allow for reliable movement of even the heaviest loads that are found in end-of-line packaging.

Their design ensures easy maintenance and quick and simple replacement.


Hygienically Packaged Food

Jütro GmbH & Co. KG Konserven und Feinkost from Jüterbog in Brandenburg is a traditional company that is specialized in the production of ketchup, remoulade sauce, mayonnaise, and salad cream. The Brandenburg company equipped a new PET bottling plant completely with gearmotors and variable frequency drives. Read here what convinced them about NORD DRIVESYSTEMS®’ solution.

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Case Study: SYMACH

The Dutch machine manufacturer SYMACH successfully produces palletizing machines. Instead of control boxes installed on the top of the machine, they now rely on decentralized drive units from NORD DRIVESYSTEMS. This results in various advantages.

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