Helical Inline Gear Motors

Modular, Robust, and Reliable

Energy efficient operation in combination with a high torque capacity of 230,000 lb-in. The drives are washdown capable and have flexible input designs and gearbox mounting solutions.

Helical Inline Gear Motors for a Wide Range of Applications

Motors with a helical inline gearbox from NORD have a high power density and a large number of application specific options. The gear units are produced in three series and many sizes for a wide range of applications.

<h2>NORD Helical Inline Gear Units Impress With Outstanding Features</h2>


Our helical gear units provide a maximum torque of 230,000 lb-in (as industrial gear motors up to 2,200,000 lb-in).


Exceptional gear efficiency increases the productivity of the application.


NORD Helical gear units have washdown capability thanks to their smooth housing surface.


If required, we can treat NORDBLOC.1 helical inline gear motors with corrosion protection, which performs even in the harshest environments.<br><br>

<h2>Always the Right Solution: Our Helical Inline Gear Motors</h2>

No two applications are the same. For this reason, NORD supplies three different drive solutions with helical gear units. All inline products are available as footed, flanged or foot/flange mounted versions.

<h2>The Multi-Purpose Solution</h2>

Standard helical inline gear motors have a wide range of uses and offer proven quality. This type of gear motor is available from NORD in six sizes, in two or three stage versions with torque ranges from 440 to 6160 lb-in. We produce the gearing for helical gear units from highly wear-resistant, case-hardened steel.

<h2>Compact and Powerful</h2>

Our UNICASE helical inline gear motors have a compact design and a torsionally rigid cast iron housing. They are equipped with efficient motors in order to operate as cost-effectively as possible, even at the maximum torque of 230,000 lb-in.

Find out more about our powerful UNICASEhelical inline gear motors!

<h2>Easy Maintenance: Washdown Capable Helical Geared Motors</h2>

With the NORDBLOC.1 series we placed a high priority on a smooth, easy to clean surface. This characteristic is especially important for users in hygienically critical sectors such as the food or pharmaceutical industries.

NORDBLOC.1 helical inline gear unit are supplied with a die cast aluminium housing (through SK771.1) or cast iron housing (SK772.1 and above).

The aluminium housing of the NORDBLOC.1 series provides natural corrosion protection. NORD can also provide additional protection when needed with surface treatment. In contrast to conventional paint it cannot flake off – a great advantage in harsh environments. NORDBLOC.1 helical inline gear motors optimize production at the chocolate manufacturer Zotter in Austria.
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