References from Our Crane Technology Customers

Discover a comprehensive overview of NORD's expertise and solutions in the field of crane technology. NORD collaborates with industry-leading companies, such as Superior Lidgerwood Mundy Corp., to develop customized and reliable crane machinery at competitive prices. With a commitment to safety, efficiency, and innovation, NORD Drivesystems delivers tailored solutions that meet the specific requirements of crane applications. Whether you are involved in the intralogistics sector, airport operations, or bulk material handling, NORD's crane technology references showcase their successful partnerships and the impact of their solutions in various industries. Explore the page to learn more about NORD's crane technology capabilities and find inspiration for your own crane projects.

Superior Lidgerwood Mundy Corp. (USA)

    NORD DRIVESYSTEMS works with SLM to develop a, safer, customized solution for their crane machinery at a competitive price point.