Two-speed motors

Asynchronous motors

  • Performance: 0.16 HP - 23 HP
  • Efficiency Class IE1
  • Global approvals and acceptances

NORD® two-speed motors enable operation with two or more fixed speeds. Squirrel cage motors with this design provide an economical alternative for applications in which continuous speed control with inverters is not required.

They are available in the following versions: 4-2-pole, 8-2-pole and 8-4-pole. Two-speed motors have the advantage that they only need a single winding for operation at two speeds. NORD® supplies these with the following options (selection):

  • Brake (BRE+), Double brake (DBR+), External fan (F), Incremental encoder (IG)
  • Motor protection: Temperature sensor (TF), Thermostat (TW), Space heater (SH)
  • Motor connection: Motor plug connection (MS)

M7000 - Asynchronous Motors

M7000 - Asynchronous Motors
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