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The products of NORD DRIVESYSTEMS provide individual solutions for every market, be it the operation of solar power stations or the most diversified lifting gear.

Blackmer (USA)

    Through its cooperation with NORD, Blackmer has been able to significantly improve one of its product lines. So much so, that there are plans to roll out the NORD concept to all Blackmer pumps.

Celi Invest (Denmark)

    The Danish company Celi Invest produces electrically powered cow brushes. Drive technology from NORD DRIVESYSTEMS ensures smooth operation of the brushes.

Innovative Solar Technology, dhp technology (Swiss)

    The world's first solar folding roof from dhp technology was put into operation at the ARA Chur sewage treatment plant. With the help of robust cable car technology and NORD worm gears, the flexible folding roofs can be retracted into a protective position in unfavorable weather conditions.

DTS2 (Netherlands)

    The young company DTS2 develops and installs automation systems for theaters. At aan het Spiu, a theater in The Hague, NORD DRIVESYSTEMS and DTS2 came together and created complete flexibility in movement.

Crane Hoisting, ElectroMech (India)

    When constructing a new, enlarged wastewater treatment system, NORD drives support the gantry cranes at the access shafts with exactly synchronous lowering and lifting.

Gondoly, GinD (Spain)

    Góndolas in Design offer tailor made service and cleaning systems for challenging architecture. They are driven by NORD geared motors and frequency inverters.

Calender Drive, Legg (USA)

    With safe and low-maintenance industrial drives of NORD’s MAXXDRIVE series, Legg Manufacturing moves its huge calender drives trouble-free.

Metering pumps, LEWA (Poland)

    LEWA, a manufacturer of metering pumps and systems, relies on IE5+ motors from NORD DRIVESYSTEMS for high precision applications. They combine a wide control range with outstanding energy efficiency.

Generating Plant, Linthal (Swiss)

    The conveyor belts for a complex construction project in the Swiss Alps with extreme environmental conditions are driven by NORD's industrial gear units under permanent load.

Newport, OR (USA)

    Wastewater treatment is serious business. Gearboxes from NORD DRIVESYSTEMS help this small community process up to 15 million gallons of it daily, without fail, with no surprises.

OCC Systems (USA)

    OCC Systems is making automotive assembly safer and more efficient with the use of NORD's overhead conveyor drives.

Waste Water Treatment, ONAS (Tunisia)

    The extreme environment in Tunisian waterworks and sewage treatment plants requires powerful and reliable NORD drive technology.

Robotic Parking Systems (USA)

    How NORD and Robotic Parking Systems are helping drivers put conventional parking garages in the rearview mirror

ShowFab (USA)

    The show must go on, and with the help of ShowFab and NORD Drivesystems, it does: on time, within budget, and with no surprises.

Construction Hoist, STROS (Czech Republic)

    The reliable NORD drives ensure safety when traveling with STROS construction lifts to heights of up to 300 meters in all weather conditions, with gentle starting and braking.

Palletizer, SYMACH (Netherlands)

    The dynamic performance of NORD geared motors and frequency inverters is a perfect match for SYMACH's precisely operating palletizers and supports them with unique, decentralized drive technology.

Solar Power Plant, Torresol (Spain)

    To optimally align the mirrors with the absorber in the Gemasolar power plant, each one is precisely positioned with two geared motors by NORD.

Stage Drives, Theater Duisburg (Germany)

    For the backdrops in the Duisburg theatre, a reliable drive technology was installed, which can safely stage the fascinating productions.