NORD is Active in Over 100 Industries Worldwide

Here we present you solutions for our core industries. NORD DRIVESYSTEMS is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of drive technology – for mechanical and electronic solutions. The product range includes geared motors, electric motors, industrial gear units, frequency converters and motor starters / frequency inverters for decentralized drive control.


Parcel Distribution Centers, Airport Technology, Warehouse Logistics

Food & Beverage

Food, Beverage, Meat, Dairy, Bakery Products, Fruit & Vegetables


Highly-specialized, Industry 4.0-ready solutions for packaging applications including conveyors, palletizers, sorting machines, and more.

Bulk Material Handling

Teaser Bulk Material Handling Teaser Schüttguthandling

Stockyard Systems, Loading/Unloading Systems, Conveyors & Conveying Equipment, Weighing & Dosing Systems


Drive Technology in the Grain Industry


Crane & Lift Technology

Steel & Metals

Technology and Equipment in the Steel & Metals Industry