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Product news for mechanical and electric drive solutions from NORD DRIVESYSTEMS

NORDAC PRO SK 500P universal inverter power range

NEW: Power range up to 22 kW: NORDAC PRO SK 500P universal inverter

NORDAC PRO SK 500P series frequency inverters from NORD DRIVESYSTEMS are based on the latest technology and are perfect for all drive applications. The power extension up to 22 kW for this new NORD flagship will be launched soon.

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DuoDrive Integrated gear unit and motor

Gear unit and motor in one: the new NORD DuoDrive

DuoDrive is a NORD-patented innovation that fully integrates the high-efficiency IE5+ motor together with a single-stage helical gear unit in one housing and thus optimises system efficiency. Compact installation space, high power density and very low noise emissions are only some advantages.

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The new decentralised inverter NORDAC ON​.

NORDAC ON was specifically developed to meet the special requirements of horizontal conveyor technology, as well as for the interaction with the new IE5+ synchronous motor (NORDAC ON+), and is characterised by an integrated Ethernet interface, full pluggability and a very compact design. An economic plug-and-play solution for IIoT environments.

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SK135 NORDAC Start Motor Starter on a NORDBLOC.1

IE5+, the new generation of synchronous motors from NORD

The new generation of NORD IE5+ synchronous motors are manufactured in-house for use in intralogistics as well as in the food and beverage industry. Our motors feature a compact and hygienic design in a very small space and thus ensure high corrosion resistance and easy cleaning.

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Additional Product news:

NORD MAXXDRIVE IGU for mixing and agitation processes

Technical innovation in mixing and agitation processes

MAXXDRIVE® industrial gear units are ideally suitable for use in large mixers. With the SAFOMI adapter, NORD is presenting a technical innovation in this application area: a flange with an integrated oil expansion tank, increasing operational reliability and requiring fewer wearing parts.

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NORD Gear Unit Product Line

New names for surface protection

NORD offers a wide range of paint finishes to provide the optimum surface protection for your application and environmental conditions.

These paints now have new designations - the technical properties remain unchanged.

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NORD DRIVEMAXX XT Right Angle Gear Unit

MAXXDRIVE® XT - The new generation of industrial gear units

The new 2-stage bevel gear units are specially designed for applications which require low-speed ratios in combination with high powers. As standard, the series is equipped with a heavily ribbed UNICASE housing and an integrated axial fan.

  • Torque range: 15,000 - 75,000 Nm
  • Power range: 1,5 – 1,500 kW
  • 7 sizes
  • Optimised housing geometryto achieve maximum thermallimit powers with axial fan
  • Low running noise

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Download the NORDAC App

Servicing via NORDCON APP

The NORDCON APP, a mobile commissioning and service solution for all NORD drives, has the following advantages:

  • Dashboard-based visualisation for drive monitoring and fault diagnosis
  • Parameterisation with help function and rapid access to parameters
  • Individually configurable oscilloscope function for drive analysis
  • Backup and recovery function for simple handling of drive parameters

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