Drive Solutions in End-of-Line Packaging

End-of-line packaging is the last state of the packaging process. This requires individual and powerful drive systems to move heavy loads over long travel distances.

Read our white paper to find out more about the use of decentralized drive solutions with asynchronous motors in end-of-line packaging.

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NORD Drive Technology for End-of-Line Packaging

NORD DRIVESYSTEMS offers drive solutions for all types of packaging, strapping, palletizing, and conveying machinery, all from a single source. Geared motors, electric motors, and decentralized variable frequency drives that are fully matched and adjusted to the end-of-line packaging’s requirements.


NORD DRIVESYSTEMS offers modular and ideal drive concepts for your application.

Various mechanical (flanges, shaft sizes), and electronic bus interfaces allow for flexible integration into packaging machinery.

Drive systems with decentralized inverters allow for more flexibility in design contraints of your project.


Decentralized drive solutions from NORD DRIVESYSTEMS are less expensive to purchase than conventional servo solutions.

When used with decentralized frequency inverters, components such as control cabinets and wiring are eliminated and the setup effort is significantly lower.

Depending on the system type and application, the savings can be up to 50%.


NORD synchronous motors impress with long- service life and low downtimes.

They allow for reliable movement of even the heaviest loads that are found in end-of-line packaging.

Their design ensures easy maintenance and quick and simple replacement.

Decentralized Drive Solutions for End-of-Line Packaging

NORD asynchronous technology with its increased inertia has decisive advantages in end-of-line packaging. When moving heavy loads, it ensures better control than conventional servo solutions. It also provides stability and reduces vibrations and the risk of damaging the load or packaging machine.

Find out more in our white paper: Decentralized Drive Solutions with Controlled Frequency Inverters in End-of-Line Packaging”.



The Dutch machine manufacturer SYMACH successfully produces palletizing machines. Instead of control boxes installed on the top of the machine, they now rely on decentralized drive units from NORD DRIVESYSTEMS. This results in various advantages.

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