Solutions Designed to Meet Customer Requirements

NORD DRIVESYSTEMS is constantly working with innovative solutions to meet customer requirements. Whether it is LogiDrive® as a suitable complete solution for airport applications and intralogistics,, or the use of virtual sensors for Predictive Maintenance, NORD solutions are designed with the customer's needs in mind.


    LogiDrive® from NORD DRIVESYSTEMS complies with the highest efficiency regulations and reduces the total cost of ownership considerably. PMSM technology offers a high degree of efficiency even at partial load ranges and low speed ranges.

Predictive Maintenance

    At regular intervals, NORD DRIVESYSTEMS checks the systems for functionality and performs the agreed maintenance work.

Corrosion Protection

    NORD has the answer to extraordinary requirements, such as extreme external environmental conditions, in a product variety known from standard geared motors.

Product Kit

    We support you with an individual combination of our flexible product kit, exactly fitting your needs.

Endurance Package

    The Endurance Package from NORD DRIVESYSTEMS is a combination of several protective measures that ensure your investment will have a long operating life. These components are designed to maintain the reliability of gear units in harsh environments.

Overhead Conveyor

    NORD’s overhead conveyor drives feature high quality components, heavy-duty construction, and are designed with an output mounting flange and shaft to provide easy drop-in for industry-standard footprints.

Screw Conveyor Package

    NORD’s Screw Conveyor Package offers compact, cost effective alternatives to traditional screw conveyor drives, and are available for both CLINCHER™ parallel shaft gear units and right-angle helical bevel gear units.