Overhead Conveyor Drives

Long Lasting Performance

NORD’s overhead conveyor drives feature high quality components, heavy-duty construction, and are designed with an output mounting flange and shaft to provide easy drop-in for industry-standard footprints. These drives are also equipped with a standard VL3 spread bearing design with dry cavity that allows the drive to handle high overhung loads. With their energy efficiency and minimal maintenance requirements, overhead conveyors have a low total cost of ownership, a long service life, and provide reliable operation.

industrial mixer using a NORD gear unit

Key Design Characteristics

  • QUADRILIP™ seals for oil leakage protection
  • UNICASE™ one-piece housing design
  • Industry standard mounting and shaft designs
  • High overhung load capacity
  • Oil sight glass with dry cavity
  • Available with VL3 spread bearing design
  • Multiple input options available
  • Large ratio per gear stage
  • Output flange mounted

meat processing facility using NORD gear motors


Overhead conveyor drives are part of NORD's modular product system and provide flexibility with multiple input options such as:

  • Integral motor
  • NEMA C-face motor adapter
  • IED B5 motor adapter
  • Solid input shaft
  • Custom motor adapter (servo, hydraulic motors, etc.)

industrial mixer using a NORD gear unit

Reliable Gear Units with One-piece UNICASETM Housings

NORD heavy-duty, one-piece housings are precisely machined with internal reinforcements to increase strength and rigidity.

industrial mixer using a NORD gear unit

Large Ratio Per Gear Stage

NORD’s gear cutting technology allows for the production of gear sets with a higher maximum ratio per stage than many other speed reducer manufacturers. NORD commonly produces gear sets with a maximum ratio of between 9:1 and 10:1 per stage.

Shaft seal of a gearbox

QUADRILIPTM Output Sealing

  • NORD’s QUADRILIP™ Seal System prevents oil leakage from the gearbox into the assembly
  • In the event any oil leak develops, oil flowing past the seals will be re-directed into the dry cavity by the output shaft oil slinger
  • To detect oil leakage from the primary reducer shaft seals an oil sight glass is provided. Upon request, an optional oil proximity sensor can be supplied in place of the oil sight glass
  • The large spherical roller bearing at the bottom of the assembly is protected by a grease-packed double lip shaft seal

G1043_60Hz - Overhead Conveyor Drives

G1043_60Hz - Overhead Conveyor Drives
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Technical Handbook - Technical Handbook - Technical Information

Technical Handbook - Technical Handbook - Technical Information
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Automotive Industry

NORD DRIVESYSTEMS provides OCC Systems with a comprehensive range of overhead conveyor drives to occomodate the needs of automotive assembly lines.

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