Solution Space for Post and Parcel, Airport, and Warehouse

Our customers have very individual applications and requirements. We provide tried and tested safe solutions for many applications in the logistics industry.

Whether your focus is on efficiency, a small number of versions, software solutions, or predictive maintenance – we have the right solution for you.

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Developed for Intralogistics

We call this our solution space. Tried and tested for common applications with different objectives.

Especially in the post and parcel, airport, and warehouse industries, the LOGIDRIVE® drive systems achieve their maximal savings potential in partial load and partial speed ranges thanks to the use of IE5 synchronous motors. This makes them suitable for reducing the number of versions and allows a significant reduction of costs throughout the product service life (TCO).

Parcel Distribution Centers

Drive Systems for Parcel Distribution

In order to meet the requirements in post and parcel logistics, NORD DRIVESYSTEMS® offers drive technology for parcel distribution centers with maximum reliability.

Airport Technology

NORD drive technology on a baggage handing line

With the strong application knowledge of NORD DRIVESYSTEMS®, the drive solutions are designed to meet your requirements in the airport industry.

Warehouse Logistics

NORD DRIVESYSTEMS® offers you optimal drive solutions for warehouse logistics, which are tailor-made for each application.

Discover Our LOGIDRIVE® Solution Spaces

The service-friendly and standardized modular system combines different NORD® products into one drive solution, which is 100% tailored to the respective industry standards and application requirements.

For every area, there are advanced versions with IE5+ synchronous motor technology and a basic version with IE3 asynchronous motors. While the LOGIDRIVE advanced drives address issues such as energy efficiency, version reduction, and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), the basic LOGIDRIVE's main focus is on cost efficiency.

LOGIDRIVE® Solution Space: Post & Parcel and Airport

System solutions for baggage handling systems, parcel distribution systems, and parcel sorting systems.

Helical bevel gear unit with IE5 motor and NORDAC® LINK frequency inverter

  • High efficiency (IE5+) at partial load/speed
  • High power density (size 90 up to 3.7 kW (5 hp))
  • Reduction of versions
  • Standardization
  • Expandable through optional module

DuoDrive with NORDAC® LINK frequency inverter

  • Fewer wear-prone parts ensure the lowest possible downtimes and reduced maintenance costs (DuoDrive)
  • Most efficient drive system on the market
  • Universal installation position (DuoDrive)
  • Reduction of versions

Helical bevel gear unit with UNIVERSAL motor and NORDAC® FLEX frequency inverter

  • Cost-optimized
  • Reduction of versions
  • Reduced to the most essential
  • Flexible gear unit selection – modular
  • Global motor

LOGIDRIVE® Solution Space: Warehouse

System solutions for chain and roller conveyors, belt and pallet conveyor technology, container conveyor technology, and overhead conveyors.

Helical bevel gear unit with IE5 motor and NORDAC ON+ frequency inverter

  • High efficiency at partial load/speed
  • High-efficiency overall solution
  • Multi-dialect chip
  • Firmware updates via industrial BUS possible
  • Expandable through optional module

Helical bevel gear unit with IE5 motor and NORDAC® FLEX frequency inverter

  • High efficiency (IE5+) at partial load/speed
  • High power density (up to 22 kW (30 hp))
  • PROFIsafe
  • Expandable through optional module

Worm gear unit with UNIVERSAL motor and NORDAC ON frequency inverter

  • Cost-optimized
  • Simple installation and full pluggability
  • Multi-dialect chip
  • Firmware updates via industrial BUS possible
  • Inverter-optimized motor development

E3000 - NORDAC® Electronic Drive Technology - Centralized/Decentralized VFDs and Motor Starters

E3000 - NORDAC® Electronic Drive Technology - Centralized/Decentralized VFDs and Motor Starters
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A6050 - Intralogistics Industry Solutions

A6050 - Intralogistics Industry Solutions
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A6030 - Baggage Handling Industry Solutions

A6030 - Baggage Handling Industry Solutions
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BCS Group

NORD Gear Motors Powering Australia's Fastest Courier Sorting Facility

The BCS group provides complete solutions to airports and airlines. When Toll IPEC wanted to expand its parcel delivery capacities by building a new cargo sorting plant in Melbourne, the contract was awarded to BCS. BCS in turn commissioned NORD to supply around 1,000 bevel geared motors with decentralized inverters.


A Thousand Drive System Moves Thousands of Parcels

The parcel center of the French shipping company Chronopost handles around 170,000 parcels per day. Numerous belt conveyors from Budde Fördertechnik GmbH are in use to reliably transport the parcels through the 13,000 m² complex. These are moved by around 1,100 decentralized NORD drives.

Logan Teleflex

Drive Systems for the Airport Industry

Logan Teleflex, a subsidiary of Daifuku Airport Technologies, is an international solution provider for airport baggage handling systems. For a project in the USA, the company needed a decentralized control solution. NORD supplied 100 drive solutions for this project, consisting of geared motor and frequency inverter.

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More Information

Condition Monitoring

NORD Condition Monitoring PLC Electronics

Continuous Condition Monitoring
Condition monitoring records drive and status data to proactively maintain machines and plants in order to improve reliability and efficiency, reduce downtimes and increase the efficiency of the entire plant.

Total Cost of Ownership

Total Cost of Ownership

TCO Reduction
Our goal for our customers is to reduce the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). This includes all costs associated with the purchase, operation, potential maintenance and recycling of a drive system.

Modular NORD® Range of Products

NORD Drivesystems complete product lines

Complete Drive Solutions From a Single Source
We provide you with individually arranged drive components and systems everywhere you need to move something - be it conveying, blending, agitating, lifting, or lowering.

Global Partner and Manufacturer

Map of NORD subsidiaries around the world

On Site in More Than 80 Countries
A global network offers short delivery times, competent advice, and rapid on-site service to all NORD® customers. Your local contacts also fulfill your national service needs.


Download the NORDAC App

Mobile Commissioning and Service Solution for All NORD Drives
With the NORDCON APP and the NORDAC® ACCESS BT Bluetooth stick NORD DRIVESYSTEMS offers a practical option for mobile and wireless maintenance as well as the commissioning of NORD frequency inverters. Our NORDCON APP is under constant further development.