The NORD® ECO Service

The NORD® ECO Service

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The NORD® ECO BOX provides detailed system energy consumption data and analyzes the results to reveal opportunities to reduce your energy requirements and total cost of ownership (TCO).

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Advantages of the NORD® ECO Service

Making It Measurable

With the NORD® ECO BOX, the energy consumption of your drive system or individual drives can be measured in detail for the first time. Only a comprehensive data analysis allows for the identification of patterns and anomalies, and a meaningful evaluation that reveals potential savings.

Precise Analysis

When evaluating and interpreting the collected data, values on consumption, utilization, and TCO are broken down. The key data obtained is then used for comparison with other potential drive systems in order to make the best ecological and economical decision.

Access Potential

The use of optimized drive systems can reduce CO₂ emissions, lower energy consumption, and reduce costs for administration, maintenance, and wear. Additionally, variant reduction additionally offers the possibility to streamline production, logistics, storage, and service processes.


Our Advisory Concept

The primary goal of the NORD® ECO Service is to reveal savings potential of your application in order to optimize energy consumption, lower CO₂ emissions, and provide cost savings. Our advisory concept is based on extensive experience in the production of electric motors and cooperation with customers from over 100 industries worldwide. This collective knowledge is used for development of our drives so that we can offer you suitable products for application optimization.

Measuring Performance Data

After installation of the NORD® ECO BOX between the drive and power supply, real-time data on permanent loads, load peaks, and irregular conditions is recorded over a period of two months. The long data capture period leads to higher data density, which reveals patterns and anomalies, and enables the generation of a load cycle for the entire system.

An energy measuring device within the NORD® ECO BOX tracks current and voltage. It determines the effective or reactive power, i.e. the actual energy consumption, and calculates the proportional power factor.

Data Evaluation

Upon completion of data collection, all information is uploaded to a custom software program developed by NORD® and is automatically evaluated. You will receive the final evaluation in the form of a PDF document, which outlines the essential key data. We are pleased to assist you with the interpretation of this data.

In the evaluation of the results, the large amount of recorded data allows for the exact reading on whether a system in the used dimensioning meets the requirements of the respective application. Oversizing is one of the most common points that play a role in the optimization for energy efficiency.

Alternative Components

In 40 years of experience in manufacturing and using electric motors, we gained wide-range insights into practical applications. One example describes the use of a drive system with an average power consumption of 1.1 kW, peaking at 1.9 kW, driven by a 4 kW motor. In this case, the drive utilization is only 30 percent and thus bears a correspondingly high savings potential. The use of a motor with powers of 2.2 kW increases the utilization to nearly 50 % and still offers reserves for potential additional loads.

In large systems with numerous drives, for example in intralogistics, the NORD® ECO Service can help not only to optimize the power used by the individual drive systems, but also to reduce the number of different systems. This also reduces costs and required capacities for maintenance and spare parts logistics.

Variant Reduction

The significant advantages of a NORD® ECO measurement for a single drive system may even increase when viewed over the entire system. In large plants with numerous drives, for example in intralogistics, the ECO Service can lead to a significant reduction of the different drive systems. Such a reduction in the number of variants can help to minimize administrative costs over the entire system, and to streamline production, logistics, storage, and service processes. The highly efficient NORD® motors, which provide constant torque over a wide speed range are particularly suitable for reducing the number of variants.

NORD DRIVESYSTEMS® has carried out numerous measurements to create load profiles of drive systems. We offer the service for plants with both own and third-party components. A large number of customers already benefited from the NORD® ECO Service in improving their energy efficiency during production and thus reducing their carbon footprint.

LOGIDRIVE™ Solution Spaces

The applications and requirements of our customers are very individual. We offer tried, tested, and safe solutions for many applications in the logistics industry.

We call it solution spaces. Tried and tested for common applications with different objectives. Whether your focus is on efficiency, a small number of variants, software solutions, or predictive maintenance – we have the right solution for you.


More Energy-Efficient Products From NORD®

IE5+ Synchronous Motors

Efficient. Hygienic. Compact.
The new generation of NORD® IE5+ synchronous motors is manufactured in-house for use in intralogistics as well as in the food and beverage industry.

DuoDrive with Integrated IE5+ Motor

DuoDrive Integrated gear unit and motor

Integrated Gear Unit and Motor
DuoDrive is a revolutionary integrated gear unit/motor concept in a hygienic wash-down design. A highly efficient IE5+ motor with a single-stage helical gear unit in one housing.

Electronic Drive Technology

Frequency Inverters and Control Cabinets
Frequency inverters and motor starters from NORD DRIVESYSTEMS® with very high powers of up to 160 kW are available as centralized solutions for control cabinet installations or as decentralized versions for use in the field. Decide for yourself, what is the best for your application.

Energy Efficiency Topics

Total Cost of Ownership

Total Cost of Ownership

TCO Reduction
Our goal for our customers is to reduce the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). This includes all costs associated with the purchase, operation, potential maintenance, and recycling of a drive system.

Global Efficiency Regulations

Map of NORD subsidiaries around the world

National Regulations
Our wide range of electric motors meet all common global efficiency regulations and standards. Our powerful and robust motors are used in many applications and can be combined with all NORD® gear units.

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