Screw Conveyor Package

Cost-Effective High Performance

NORD’s Screw Conveyor Package offers compact, cost effective alternatives to traditional screw conveyor drives, and are available for both CLINCHER™ parallel shaft gear units and right-angle helical bevel gear units. The CEMA flange and shaft assembly are a unique NORD design to offer optimized protection against unwanted debris.<br><br>

NORD Screw Conveyor Package

Key Design Characteristics

  • UNICASE™ one-piece housing
  • All bearing points and sealing surfaces are machined in a single operation
  • No separating joints in the housing, no sealing surfaces subject to torque
  • QUADRILIP™ sealing system assures oil stays inside the gearbox while containments, such as dirt and moisture, stay out
  • QUADRILIP™ sealing features three seal lips, a grease-filled chamber, and garter springs to ensure secure sealing at shaft surfaces
  • AUTOVENT™ breather controls pressure inside gearbox during operation by regulating airflow and protecting bearings by blocking entry of foreign material

NORD's Screw Conveyor Package has closely stepped speed ratios combined with a directly coupled gearmotor or NEMA C-face input design, eliminating the need for top motor mounts. This also removes pulleys, belts, and guards from the system, minimizing parts for easier system maintenance, increased reliability, and superior drive performance.

F1129_US - Screw Conveyor Package

F1129_US - Screw Conveyor Package
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AS0011 - Screw Conveyor Applications

AS0011 - Screw Conveyor Applications
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Optimized Sealing System

  • Dual Viton lip seals
  • Grease impregnated packing seal
  • Dual gap seals (excludes particles)
    • 0.03" gap
  • Material evacuation ports
  • Shaft material ditch
  • QUADRILIP™ sealing


  • Standard CEMA mounting
  • Versatile flange - multiple bolt patterns
  • High strength class 35 gray cast iron


  • Standard CEMA mounting
  • Versatile - multiple bolt patterns
  • 3-hole tapered CEMA drive shaft
  • Easy mounting and removal
  • Reduced bearing loads
  • Tapered shaft allows for screw pipe misalignment
  • Quick external removal feature

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