Vision and mission


NORD Benelux strives towards an exceptional growth in the market of drivesystems.

We want to reach a higher market share and to achieve the nr. 1 position within the Benelux.

The organisation and results must be continuously improved. We try to optimise the working climate and the expansion of talent and knowledge of our complete staff.


NORD wants to achieve the nr. 1 position within the Benelux in the segment of drivesystems. Therefore, we want to organise our team in such a way that NORD is the best choice for every drive application. To achieve this, every staff member must be able to identify him/herself with our vision and dispose the possibilities to go for this vision.

Through this way, NORD wants to offer his customers techniques, service and partnership against honest prices.

ISO Certificate

NORD has received the international ISO 9001-certificate.