NORD Quality Policy

Our objective is to reliably fulfil the quality requirements of our products and processes at all times. Because of this we employ a management system which includes all areas of our organisation.

The fundamentals of our daily actions are:

Customer orientation

  • Our customers set the standards for quality
  • Products and services at a fair price, of the right quality and at the right time
  • Target: Customer satisfaction and long-term trust in our products and services and long-term loyalty to our company

Zero faults strategy / Process for continuous improvement (NORDPro)

  • Thorough planning in order to avoid mistakes: "Do everything right the first time"
  • Involvement of all employees: "Everyone is responsible for quality"
  • An open culture with regard to mistakes: "Show the mistakes and learn from them"
  • Efficient processes and the avoidance of waste with the goal of an efficient cost structure in order to offer our customers competitive prices
  • Standardization and visualization
  • Cooperation in partnership with our suppliers: Learn from each other and develop together

Process orientation

  • We all work together in processes
  • Internal customer / supplier relationship
  • Everyone has a customer / supplier

With this, we create a company structure which considers quality management to be an integral part of the actions of each individual employee throughout the entire value creation chain: