In some applications, the drives need to be flexible. With our variable speed drives this is not a problem: They always deliver the speed which you require.

Pohony s remeňovým variátorom

Tiché a robustné

  • Výkon: 0.16 HP - 120 HP
  • Krútiaci moment: -
  • Prevody od i = 5.00:1 do i = 3000.00:1
  • Dostupné v šiestich veľkostiach

Variable speed drives from NORD – and the speed is always right

NORD DRIVESYSTEMS always provides its customers with the right gear unit. If you need a variable speed gear unit for your application we will be glad to supply our helical gear, bevel gear, parallel shaft and worm gear units as variable speed drives.

NORD produces variable speed V-belt drives for many applications, e.g. for use in conveyor systems, pumps or agitators.

We make it fit
With NORD variable speed V-belt drives you obtain exactly the speed which you need.

The benefits to you:

  • Flexibility
    Your application determines the speed and not the other way round.
  • Quality
    We only use high quality, tested materials which comply with our high standards.
  • Cost-efficient
    Our mechanical variable speed drives cause almost no maintenance costs.
  • Service life
    The components of our variable speed V-belt drives are corrosion-free and therefore have a long service life.

Variable speed V-belt drives: robust and powerful
Our variable speed gear units with V-belts transfer rated motor powers of up to 90 kW and provide a speed ratio of 6:1. The variable speed V-belt drives are available in twelve sizes with belt torque constants from 2.28 to 158.8 Nm.

As the adjustment discs for the V-belts are made from corrosion-resistant materials, maintenance is minimal. This also has a positive effect on your operating cost balance.

Variable speed V-belt drives are suitable for all of our geared motor types. Would you like to find out more about our range of geared motors?

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New from NORD: Electronic variable speed drives
As well as variable speed V-belt drives, you can now also obtain electronic variable speed drives from NORD, which consist of a frequency inverter from the SK200E and SK180E series, an IE2 or IE3 efficiency class asynchronous motor, and a NORD gear unit.

We supply our electronic variable speed drives ready for installation with all of the required options. The drive is already parameterised to the particular type of motor. You only need to make adjustments such as the ramp time, minimum/maximum frequency or restrictions to the direction of rotation.

We can also produce fully parameterised drive units on request. For this, we load a data record which you provide into the frequency inverter after completion of the standard tests.

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