NORD drive electronics

Flexible for every drive application

NORD's innovative drive technology range can be configured to match almost all applications. As a drives applications expert, NORD cooperates with customers all over the world to provide solutions that are perfectly matched to their requirements. Scalable functions are available for every drive application. NORD DRIVESYSTEMS has years of experience offering its global customers AC vector drives for control cabinet installation as well as distributed drive technology.

NORD drive solutions offer customers a high degree of performance and safety, regardless of whether the AC vector drive is installed in the control cabinet or as a distributed drive system.

NORD's cabinent mount and distributed control drive electronics are both characterized by their scalable functionality, ease of installation, and high precision regulation. The PLC integrated in the NORD distributed drives enables the customer to design modular and autonomous production systems. The NORD CON tools simplify the entire installation process and allow for easy adjustment and operation of the technology. With optimized cabling, users can save system costs. Our drive solutions are designed for operation with asynchronous and synchronous motors.

A Modular System – Many Advantages

Thanks to its scalable functions, NORD's modular system can be perfectly matched for every drive task. Our drive electronics support all common bus systems and communicate with all controllers. The POSICON positioning control offers the user an integrated positioning and synchronisation mode. Functional safety is integrated thanks to STO and SS1. NORD AC vector drives also offer integrated brake rectifiers for motor brake control. An energy saving function for partial load operation as well as operating and parameter set-up tools plus a simple parameter structure complete the possibilities of our modular system.

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