Presales Support

Project Development Technology

The NORD team is available to support your engineering team at any phase of your project. We can also dedicate one of our NORD engineers to actively participate in the selection process to ensure you get the exact products you need at your facility.

Project Development

New Systems vs Retrofitting Existing Systems

Pros and Cons

NORD designs drives not only with respect to technical and energy efficiency standards, but also with part number reductions in mind.

Hardware and Software

We design our inverters and software so that everything runs smoothly on your PLC. If possible, we also take care of your existing system architecture so that you can continue using it.

Checking and Testing

NORD conducts a variety of mechanical and electronic tests to provide data for acoustics, thermal, efficiency, durability, and more.

Approvals and References

We certify that our products and services are inline with all required standards and guidelines. If desired, we will gladly offer references within your industry.

Detailed Documentation

We document all services in detail and create drawings when needed.

Shipping Efficiencies

When possible, we optimize resources by using collective shipments.

Support of your project development tailored to your needs
Individual, expert consulting
Maximum security during implementation
Maximum efficiency

For Our Customers, This Means:

  • Legal security. Using our products ensures you always comply with the latest standards and guidelines
  • NORD's team of experts prevent unnecessary reworks
  • We can provide you with considerable cost savings and make it easy to comply with your schedule when designing and manufacturing
  • A high level of quality for both design and implementation project phases
  • Structured project management with specialists from the product manufacturer