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Simple scaling of NORD inverter functions

Drive functions can be taken over decentrally via the software or hardware control capability of NORD frequency inverters.

Software to configurate freqency inverters - NORD CON Software zur Paramatrisierung von Frequenzumrichtern - NORD CON

Bargteheide , 2018-06-11

Now, with modern drive technology by NORD DRIVESYSTEMS, even complex movement sequences can be easily parametrized and programmed. An example of this is Posicon, a versatilely applicable function which enables the inverter to manage over positioning tasks. By interaction of a motor-mounted incremental encoder and/or an absolute encoder connected to the drive, Posicon transforms standard NORD drives into high-precision positioning drives.

Moreover, almost every decentralized NORD drive is supplied with an internal PLC, which enables the option to program and run software functions, process controls or monitoring and analysis programs. Corresponding movement sequences can also be assigned with motion modules. Typical functions, like the PLC inspired motion control modules, can be easily assigned during application development. The easy to use and intuitively operable NORD CON is a free programming tool available for the configuration