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Aluminum Gearbox Solutions

Modern gear designs have to be compact, powerful, economical and above all they need to be lightweight. NORD DRIVESYSTEMS offers a wide range of durable and lightweight aluminum gearbox configurations.

Bargteheide , 2019-07-01

Aluminum gear products offer several benefits. The material is extremely cost effective and showcases excellent heat conduction. Aluminum also has a certain amount of natural corrosion resistance without the use of paint coatings. For harsher applications and environmental conditions, the lightweight aluminum drives are optionally available with nsd tupH surface treatment. The smooth surfaces allow effortless cleaning offering a great alternative to costly stainless steel reducers.

Among other things, NORD DRIVESYSTEMS manufactures helical and bevel gear units, as well as worm gear units and smooth surface motors from high-strength aluminum alloy at the Gadebusch factory.