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New Cabinet VFDs from NORD

NORD DRIVESYSTEMS has launched the NORDAC® PRO SK 500P, a state-of-the-art control cabinet VFD with ultimate functionality, connectivity, and modularity. These variable frequency drives have an impressive number of interfaces for communication and field buses, innovative features, and a number of extension possibilities.

Bargteheide , 2020-03-18

The new, modular NORDAC PRO VFDs can be functionally extended by plug-in control, safety, and option modules. Users also benefit from its book-size format, giving the unit an incredibly compact footprint that saves space in control cabinets and enables side-by-side installation. The NORDAC PRO 500P family is available for the 0.33 – 7.5 HP power range and utilizes a standard CANopen interface, a multi-chip for Industrial Ethernet that enables real-time Ethernet standards via a single interface. Whether for ProfiNet, EtherNET IP, POWERLINK, or EtherCAT, the required protocol can be easily set via the 500P's parameters. Devices can also be parameterized via the USB port without an external power supply. A new SD card slot allows for easy saving and transferring of parameter data.

Perfect for every application

NORD's new cabinet control solution is available as a machine VFD (SK 500P) or as an application VFD (SK 530P and SK 550P). In contrast to the fully equipped application VFD, the machine VFD is an economically optimized device with a reduced number of interfaces, yet still performs functionally demanding inverter tasks with an integrated PLC, closed-loop control, and positioning. The SK 530P also features an SD card slot, USB interface, encoder interface, and expansion capabilities via an optional SK CU5 module. Rounding out the trio, the SK 550P is an ideal choice for connection to control systems via Industrial Ethernet.