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NORD DRIVESYSTEMS envisions continued growth in 2022

With the launch of four new products, large-scale investments, and increased demand in the industry, NORD DRIVESYSTEMS had a successful 2021.

New NORD Headquarters in Bargteheide, Germany

Brampton, ON, 2022-02-14

In 2021, NORD DRIVESYSTEMS launched four new products and made the largest investments in its 55-year history. NORD set a new standard in drive system technology with the introduction of these innovative products.

Products launched in 2021:

DuoDrive: A revolutionary design change in drive system technology by combining high-efficiency IE5+ synchronous motors into a single-stage helical gear unit, making the system more efficient, compact, and simpler.

NORDAC ON/ON+: Variable frequency drives with integrated multi-protocol Ethernet interface. Also interacts with IE5+ synchronous motors (NORDAC ON+).

IE5+ synchronous motor : New sizes for high efficiency with a compact and hygienic design for easy installation and cleaning.

NORDAC PRO SK 500P: State-of-the-art control cabinet variable frequency drives for all drive applications with extended power range 0.33 – 7.5 HP. Available up to 30 HP mid-2022.

In addition to its new products, NORD also completed several production and assembly expansions at its various locations to accommodate the significant demand in the industry. These new product lines and facility expansions illustrate NORD's commitment to growth and reinforce its reputation as a competent, reliable partner and a driving force within the industry.

As we look to 2022, NORD DRIVESYSTEMS looks forward to continuing on the course of growth and partnership with customers.

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