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NORD Powers High-Speed Grain Loading Systems

Michigan design and engineering firm turns to NORD DRIVESYSTEMS for the gear motors that help keep the world fed and its cargo moving.

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Waunakee, WI, 2023-10-10

Michigan design and engineering firm, JPM Inc., has partnered with NORD DRIVESYSTEMS to power their grain cargo loading systems. The company specializes in advanced product handling and dust-free loading systems.

<h2>NORD Drives Ensure Reliable Operation of Cargo Systems</h2>

NORD drives play a crucial role in keeping these cargo systems running without fail. JPM Inc.'s President, Jim McCready, praises NORD's gear motors, which have been used in over 30 projects without any issues. The reliability of their systems has helped to establish JPM/ILS as an industry leader.

<h2>Importance of Uninterrupted Operation in JPM/ILS Cargo Solutions</h2>

JPM's cargo solution relies on double-drum drive winches, known as the "heart, brains, and brawn" of the system. It is extremely important for them to operate without interruption to avoid costly downtime and demurrage fees. JPM/ILS systems have consistently met high productivity standards, providing round-the-clock operation for years.

<h2>Efficiency and Load Capacity of NORD's Gear Motors</h2>

NORD's gear motors are highly efficient and have the ability to handle extremely heavy loads. McCready notes the improved design of their latest system, which offers higher grain loading rates, better dust retention, and reduced maintenance costs. These systems can also be used to handle other commodities like cement and coal in addition to grain cargo.

<h2>JPM's Success and NORD's Technical Support</h2>

McCready attributes JPM's success to NORD's high-quality gear motors and technical support. Compliance with industry standards, such as ASME B30.7 winch specifications, is crucial, and NORD's drive units consistently deliver the required performance.

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