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NORD Supplies Innovative Solutions for Crane Industry

NORD’s drive solutions for cranes feature heavy-duty industrial gear motors, dynamic electronic control products, and functional safety modules to keep crane systems operating efficiently.

WAUNAKEE, WI, 2023-12-05

Crane applications require special drives with a strong focus on reliability and safety. Loads must be safely lifted, precisely positioned, and gently set down, sometimes during simultaneous movement of trolleys. Whether gantry, building, bridge, floating, or other type of crane, NORD DRIVESYSTEMS offers complete drive solutions with flexible configuration options to perfectly match specific application requirements. NORD’s robust modular system offers drive systems that are easy to service and maintain along with high efficiency, output torques up to 2,495,900 lb-in, and variable frequency drives with integrated POSICON positioning mode and functional safety.

<h2>UNICASE<sup>TM</sup> Housing Principle for Precise Alignment and Operator Safety</h2>

NORD constructs all gear units according to their UNICASE<sup>TM</sup> housing principle. Housings are machined in a single step with bearing points precisely aligned to each other, resulting in a surface not subjected to torque and radial loads that also keeps operators protected from pinch points. This design also produces a more robust unit capable of handling heavy loads and harsh environmental conditions, while increasing service life.

<h2>MAXXDRIVE<sup>®</sup> Industrial Gear Units for High Torque and Harsh Environments</h2>

MAXXDRIVE<sup>®</sup> Industrial Gear Units deliver extremely high output torques up to 2,495,900 lb-in, quiet operation, and long service life. Thanks to their robust housing, they can withstand a wide variety of ambient conditions and perform well even in dusty environments, coastal areas, and environments with high humidity, heat, or large temperature fluctuations. These units feature both parallel shaft and right-angle designs and are highly configurable to application requirements with a variety of output shafts, output flanges, motor attachments, and input options to choose from.

<h2>MAXXDRIVE XD Industrial Gear Units for Crane and Hoist Applications</h2>

MAXXDRIVE XD Industrial Gear Units are the most recent expansion to the MAXXDRIVE product family and are engineered specifically for crane and hoist applications. These units feature a unique housing optimized for external loads and an extended center distance to accommodate a U-shaped design, enabling the cable drum and motor to be on the same side of the gear unit. Compared to NORD’s standard, compact MAXXDRIVE series, the XD center distance has been increased by 35%. The drives are available in 3-stage or 4-stage reductions with the same overall unit dimensions and center distances for a standardized design to reduce spare parts and variants.

<h2>UNICASE Helical Bevel Gear Units for Versatility and Load Capacity</h2>

UNICASE Helical Bevel Gear Units from NORD offer a wide performance range of 0.16 – 250 hp and torque up to 442,537 lb-in. They have various shaft designs, mounting options, and bearing concepts that make them highly versatile and adaptable. When equipped with heavy-duty bearings and a spread bearing/flange mount design, these units achieve high axial and radial load capacity, experience minimum backlash, and provide a long service life to keep cranes operational with minimum downtime.

<h2>UNICASE Parallel Shaft Gear Units for Efficiency and Reliability</h2>

NORD’s UNICASE Parallel Shaft Gear Units provide ultimate efficiency and reliability at a cost-effective price. Their compact design saves on installation space and requires less maintenance compared to traditional belt drives. They offer output torque up to 680,200 lb-in, versatile shaft and mounting options, and can be configured with heavy-duty bearings for maximum load capability.

<h2>NORD Variable Frequency Drives for Dynamic and Intelligent Crane Movement</h2>

NORD variable frequency drives provide cranes with dynamic, intelligent movement. They can synchronize gear motors to work in tandem to hoists and move loads for trolley or travel drives, be programmed to enable steady operation for swivel drives, and provide soft starts and braking via defined adjustable ramps to safely pick up and set down loads.

<h2>NORDAC PRO SK 500P Variable Frequency Drives for Cabinet Control Solutions</h2>

NORD’s cabinet control solutions include the NORDAC PRO SK 500P Variable Frequency Drives. This product family has five frame sizes to choose from with scalable functionality ranging from the basic SK 500P version to the advanced SK 550P version. Easy operation is achieved with multiple integrated interface options and full PLC functionality to configure each drive parameter. Functional safety options like STO and SS1 are also available to further protect operators, product, and entire systems.

<h2>NORDAC FLEX SK 200E Variable Frequency Drives for Decentralized Drive Solutions</h2>

Decentralized drive solutions from NORD include the NORDAC FLEX SK 200E Variable Frequency Drives. These drives are NORD’s most flexible VFDs and offer reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and greater Return on Investment (ROI). With their versatile functionality, wide range of extension modules, and flexible mounting options, they can be customized to all application needs. Integrated brake rectifiers for motor brake control and an integrated brake chopper enable safe operation of heavy crane loads and ensure downtimes are avoided by proper speed management. NORDAC FLEX VFDs additionally offer multiple functional safety options such as STO, SS1, SLS, SSR, and PROFIsafe to further ensure systems operate safely.

<h2>NORD's Support and Service for Crane Systems</h2>

From design and commissioning to service and maintenance, NORD supports its customers in all phases of the project and supplies high quality solutions that meet international standards.

Thousands of NORD drives are already in operation in crane systems around the world supported by a global assembly and service network guaranteeing short delivery times, comprehensive support, and rapid on-site service.

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