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NORD DRIVESYSTEMS Innovative DuoDrive is UL/CSA Certified

The DuoDrive integrated gear unit and motor from NORD DRIVESYSTEMS is a compact, high efficiency solution engineered for users in the fields of intralogistics, pharmaceutical, and food and beverage industries.

Waunakee, WI, 2024-03-07

NORD DRIVESYSTEMS is pleased to announce that their innovative DuoDrive integrated gear unit and motor has received UL/CSA certification. This unit combines a high-efficiency IE5+ synchronous motor and single-stage helical gear unit into one compact housing with a smooth, easy to clean surface. This design concept delivers an extremely high system efficiency of up to 92% and offers a solution to the increasing demand for energy-efficient drives, particularly in the intralogistics, pharmaceutical, and food and beverage industries.

DuoDrive is available in two case sizes (SK EVO 80 and SK EVO 200) and offers a power range of 0.5 – 4.0 hp, speeds up to 3,000 rpm, and torque up to 2,186 lb-in. Easy connection to applications is possible thanks to flexible attachment options such as B5 or B14 flange, torque arm, shrink disc, and GRIPMAXX<sup>TM</sup>. Its Plug-and-Play capabilities enable simple, quick commissioning and maintenance for greater system availability.

The integration of IE5+ synchronous motor technology delivers multiple advantages and benefits to the drive including high energy efficiency, high system overload capacity to handle heavy loads in intralogistics, quiet operation, reduced operating costs, and a lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Constant torque over a wide speed range reduces the number of system variants, eliminating the need for backstock of multiple parts and products and enabling easier system maintenance.

The DuoDrive is also available in a hygiene-friendly version for pharmaceutical and food and beverage applications. Along with the smooth, easy to clean aluminum surface that offers high corrosion resistance, this version features a significantly smoother gearbox cover. Additional options such as a stainless round connector (MRS VA), hygienic gear cover (HYGA), IP69K protection, stainless-steel gland, and stainless-steel output shaft are also available and recommended for use in wash-down environments.

NORD’s innovative DuoDrive integrated gear unit and motor is available for global use and complies with CE, UKCA, EAC, UL, and CSA certifications and approvals. To learn more about NORD's innovative integrated gear motors, contact us or visit our website at .