Switchable Pole Motors

  • Performance: 0.12 – 22.8 HP
  • Standard Efficiency (IE1)
  • Designed according to the latest global standards and regulations

NORD switchable pole motors enable operation with two or more fixed speeds. Squirrel cage motors with this design provide an economical solution for applications in which continuous speed control with inverters is not required. Available in the following designs: 4-2 pole, 8-2 pole and 8-4 pole.

Switchable pole motors have the advantage that they only need a single winding for operation at two speeds. NORD two-speed motors are available with the following options:

  • Brakes, encoders and external blower fans
  • Motor protection: Temperature sensor, Temperature monitor, space heaters in addition to a wide array of environmental protection options.
  • Motor Connectivity Solutions: Simple and reliable quick connect/disconnect options