Drive Solutions For

The beverage industry

NORD Drivesystems can provide innovative products for your individual drive solutions to meet the requirements of a variety of beverage handling processes. From batch mixing, bottle washing, filling and packaging, NORD Drivesystems provides the perfect solution to your application.

Beverage Application Solutions

Clean & Safe

From depalletizing, conveying and case packing, leading beverage manufacturers are choosing NORD's efficient and reliable products for the 24/7 demands of the beverage handling process. For wet and demanding environments, NORD speaks "hygienic" and "washdown" so you don’t have to.

  • Quadrilip Sealing - superior protection against leaks
  • NSD+ and NSDx3 protective coatings or NSD tupH Surface Conversion
  • GRIPMAXX Keyless Bushing System


Downtime. It’s the last word you can afford to hear when you work in the beverage handling industry. Reliability is a direct result of NORD's unique design.

  • An industry leading ratio range and mounting flexibility.
  • AUTOVENT™ helps ensure a leak-free design.
  • Infinite-life, high quality gearing, up to AGMA Class 13.


Beverage manufacturing is highly competitive so efficiency matters. NORD is committed to reducing carbon emissions that are harmful to our environment.

  • Up to 97 % efficiency for NORD gearboxes.
  • Low-inertia, inverter-duty motors that exceed the latest global energy requirements.
  • Efficient operation and optimized motor performance.

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