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NORD Gear Corporation is one of the world's leading manufacturers of drive technology for mechanical and electronic solutions. The range of products includes constant speed reducers , electric motors , industrial gear units , and motor starters and AC Vector drives for cabinet mount and distributed control.

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Getriebemotor als Antrieb für Förderbänder

NORD Geared Motors for Gravel pits & Quarries


The NorStone AG gravel works in Tau in South West Norway has changed over to robust geared motors from NORD DRIVESYSTEMS. The result: lower investment costs, increased operating reliability, better process reliability as well as reduced energy consumption due to improved efficiency.

New Cabinet VFDs from NORD


NORD DRIVESYSTEMS has launched the NORDAC® PRO SK 500P, a state-of-the-art control cabinet VFD with ultimate functionality, connectivity, and modularity. These variable frequency drives have an impressive number of interfaces for communication and field buses, innovative features, and a number of extension possibilities.

Predictive Maintenance Concepts from NORD


With the drive solutions from NORD DRIVESYSTEMS, drive and status data can be recorded regularly or permanently in order to optimize the operational safety and efficiency of plant and machinery. Based on this information, concepts for predictive maintenance can also be developed.

Intelligent Frequency Inverters for Digital Production


NORD DRIVESYSTEMS provides pioneering drive solutions for networking and connection of an Industry 4.0 environment. By pioneering hardware and software, NORD drive technology enables networked or autonomous production processes of the “Smart Factory” and keeps them running.

NORD Drives Make Energy History


Commissioned at the Chur sewage treatment plant in Switzerland, NORD drive technology moves the world’s first folding solar roof. Thanks to their integrated PLC, NORD DRIVESYSTEMS’ frequency inverters can be used to implement many intelligent control concepts, as dhp technology - a Swiss start-up - impressively demonstrates with this project.

Trade Show Updates

Trade Show Updates

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there have been many cancellations and postponements with our global exhibitions. Please refer to our trade show page for the most up-to-date show schedule.

Expo Lesni lom

2020-06-02 – 2020-06-04

Brno, Czech Republic
The exhibition was cancelled


2020-06-02 – 2020-06-05

Mexico City, Mexico
The exhibition was cancelled

Passenger Terminal

2020-06-09 – 2020-06-11

Paris, France
The exhibition was cancelled