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NORD DRIVESYSTEMS is one of the world's leading manufacturers of drive technology for mechanical and electronic solutions. The range of products includes constant speed reducers , electric motors , industrial gear units , and motor starters and AC Vector drives for cabinet mount and distributed control.

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NORD USA Year in Review


NORD Gear prepares for future through reinvestement in US headquarters

NORDAC LINK – Intelligent Drive Solutions for Warehouse Logistics


At the 6th annual Technical Press Days event in Hamburg, NORD DRIVESYSTEMS presented its LogiDrive drive solution, consisting of a premium efficient NORD gearmotor and a NORDAC LINK field distribution system.

Predictive Maintenance and Optimal Use of Resources


NORD DRIVESYSTEMS is developing cost-effective and reliable virtual sensor functionality for condition monitoring.

Drives from NORD with NSD tupH Sealed Surface Conversion


Durable and reliable – even in extremely harsh operating conditions. In his processing center, Dutch mussel processor Krijn Verwijs relies on corrosion-resistant drive solutions from NORD.

Industry 4.0: Intelligent and Energy-Efficient Drives


NORD DRIVESYSTEMS equips its drive electronics with decentralized intelligence to take the load off a higher-level control unit and ensure optimal service. However, user-friendliness and energy efficiency are increasingly moving into the spotlight.



2018-03-24 – 2018-03-27

Denver, CO, United States
Booth 1538
We look forward to meeting you at our booth and sharing our solutions for the grain processing industry.



2018-04-09 – 2018-04-12

Atlanta, GA, United States
Booth B930
Make sure booth B930 is at the top of your list. Our product experts will be available to discuss how NORD's drive solutions can optimize your operation.

tire technology

2018-02-20 – 2018-02-22

Hanover, Germany

INE: Indumation Network Event

2018-02-22 – 2018-02-22

Leuven, Belgium

AeroDef Manufacturing Today

2018-02-22 – 2018-02-24

Mumbai, India