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NORD Gear Corporation is one of the world's leading manufacturers of drive technology for mechanical and electronic solutions. The range of products includes constant speed reducers , electric motors , industrial gear units , and motor starters and AC Vector drives for cabinet mount and distributed control.

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NORD Offers New Technical Innovation for Mixing and Agitating Processes


MAXXDRIVE® industrial gear units provide an ideal solution for specialized applications.

More efficient bending with parallel shaft gear motors from NORD DRIVESYSTEMS


The Swedish machine manufacturer Comeco has revised the drive concept of its rebar bending machines and equips this next generation equipment with electric drives from NORD DRIVESYSTEMS. Compared to the classic hydraulic solution, these electric drives offer numerous advantages in terms of robustness, safety, and operating convenience. They are also easier to maintain and run more efficiently to save cost.

NORD Hollow Socket Shaft Design Eliminates Need for Problematic Couplings


Custom-engineered shaft options are now widely available to provide coupling-free installations on select gear units.

NORDAC PRO SK 500P: The latest generation of NORD cabinet mounted variable frequency drives


High performance in the control cabinet: The NORDAC PRO SK 500P variable frequency drives from NORD DRIVESYSTEMS are equipped with an integrated multi-protocol Ethernet interface, multi-encoder interface for multiple axis operation, and USB interface for voltage-free parameterization.

NORD MAXXDRIVE® Industrial Gear Units: Ideal for Heavy-duty Applications


NORD DRIVESYSTEMS provides robust industrial gear units that are characterized by very high power density, quiet operation, and top reliability. The modular system with its many configuration options ensures an extremely high level of design flexibility.

Trade Show Updates

Trade Show Updates

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there have been many cancellations and postponements with our global exhibitions. Please refer to our trade show page for the most up-to-date show schedule.

Vocatium HH

2020-08-25 – 2020-08-26

Hamburg, Germany
The exhibition was cancelled


2020-08-27 – 2020-08-29

Guangzhou, China
Postponed from May


2020-09-02 – 2020-09-03

Ålesund, Norway
The exhibition was cancelled