Helical Bevel

  • Performance: 0.16 - 250 HP
  • Torque range: 1,593 – 442,500 lb-in
Sizes: 11
Mounting position: M1 - M6
Ratio: 8.04 - 13,432.68 : 1

NORD Right-Angle Helical Bevel gearmotors feature a UNICASE cast iron housing, infinite life gearing, high permissible radial forces and minimum backlash in an efficient, space saving design. Modular design and industry leading ratio offering make the helical bevel adaptable to countless applications.

  • Solid and Hollow shaft (keyed, shrink disc & Gripmaxx) Designs
  • Footed, flanged, foot/flange and CEMA standard screw conveyor mounting designs available
  • Right Angle gear units

  • High gear efficiency contributes to reduced operating costs
  • High quality helical and bevel gearing deliver quiet, trouble free transmission of torque to the output shaft.
  • Shrink Disc and Gripmaxx keyless hollow shaft solutions available
  • Torsionally rigid UNICASE cast iron housing
  • Heavy duty bearing and spread bearing/flange mount designs available to provide increased load capacity and extended service life.
  • Application Specific Solutions

  • Intralogistics
  • Packaging technology
  • Material handling
  • Travel drives
  • Theatre drive solutions

GinD Gondolas

Metered Moving

Góndolas in Design, S.L. develops and manufactures custom systems for the maintenance and cleaning of building façades. Innovative gondola systems have many requirements and challenges. Drive tehcnology supplied by NORD is responsible for lifting, rotating and precisely positioning the gondola system for the cleaning of building facades. In this example, an SK 500E AC vector drive is responsible for many of these tasks.

STROS Hoists

Custom Drive Solutions for Construction Hoists

The Czech construction hoist manufacturer, STROS, serves customers around the world. NORD drive systems for STROS construction hoists comprise of three bevel gearmotors with external brake resistors equipped with an SK 500E control cabinet AC vector drive with lifting gear functionality that is responsible for soft starting and braking for high positioning accuracy.


Drive Solutions for Access Shafts

The conveyor technology specialist, ElectroMech, is India's biggest crane system manufacturer and offers solutions for various industrial manufacturing applications and for infrastructure projects. The company produces a wide range of lifting equipment and cranes. Precisely synchronized, robust, NORD drives with AC vector drives installed in control cabinets move the lifting equipment to raise and lower supply platforms.