Mechanical Variable Speed Drives

Just the Right Speed for Your Application

In some applications, the drives need to be flexible. With NORD variable speed drives this is not a problem: They always deliver the speed you require.

Titan belt drives

Quiet and robust

  • Performance: 0.16 HP - 120 HP
  • Torque Range: -
  • Speed ratio range from 5.00:1 to 3000.00:1
  • Available in six case sizes

Mechanical Variable Speed Drives From NORD – The Speed is Always Right

NORD DRIVESYSTEMS strives to always provide the most optimal drive solution. If you need a mechanical variable speed gear unit for your application we will be glad to supply our helical inline, right angle bevel, parallel shaft and helical worm gear units with a V-belt.

<h3>We Make It Fit</h3>

With NORD variable speed V-belt drives you obtain your exact required speed.

<h3>Your Benefits</h3>

  • Flexibility
    Your application determines the speed and not the other way round.
  • Quality
    We only use high quality, tested materials which comply with our high standards.
  • Cost-efficient
    Our mechanical variable speed drives are low maintenance and easy to operate.
  • Service Life
    NORD V-belt drives are corrosion resistant and extremely durable.

<h3>Variable Speed V-belt Drives: Rugged and Powerful</h3>

Our mechanical variable speed gear units with V-belts transfer rated motor powers of up to 120 HP and provide a speed ratio of 6:1. The variable speed V-belt drives are available in twelve sizes with belt torque constants from 20 to 1405 lb-in.

Use of high quality, corrosion resistant materials ensures long service life with reduced maintenance costs.

Variable speed V-belt drives are compatible with the majority of NORD's gearbox portfolio. Find out more about our range of gear motors solutions.

<h3>Electronic Variable Speed Drives</h3>

As well as variable speed V-belt drives, you can now also obtain electronic variable speed drives from NORD, which consist of a frequency inverter from the SK200E or SK180E series, a premium efficient AC motor, and a NORD gearbox.

We supply our electronic variable speed drives ready for installation with all of the desired options. The drive is already parameterized to the particular type of motor. You simply need to make adjustments such as the ramp time, minimum/maximum frequency or restrictions to the direction of rotation.

We can also provide fully parameterized drives on request. For this, we load a data record which you provide into the frequency inverter after completion of standard tests. Download our full catalog of drives.