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Decentralised drive technology with integrated safety functions


Highest performance with safetyThe NORD SK TU4-PNS PROFIsafe module meets the most stringent safety requirements and ensures a secure communication in PROFINET environments.

Industry 4.0 Installation in Aurich


Lean logistics – efficient processes - NORD drive solutions are Industry 4.0 READY! The drive specialist also relies on smart technologies in its own production facilities.

Decentralized NORD drive technology in large wine cellars


For more than eight years, NORD DRIVESYSTEMS has supplied the leading French manufacturer of wine pumps, CAZAUX ROTORFLEX, with decentralized drive systems for their patented rotary lobe pumps (pompes à lobes). These systems are are in high demand from winegrowers and cellar masters around the world and consist of a geared motor combined with a variable frequency drive. NORD products were selected by CAZAUX for this application due to their versatility, reliability, and precise functionality.

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NORD Canada launches MyNORD Customer Portal


Another of NORD's focus on providing resources needed to drive intelligent and future-oriented solutions. Our new customer portal streamlines business for maximum productivity - Configure, Quote and Track Orders at a glance!

Premium Efficient (IE3) Motor with Power Range from 0.16 to 60 HP

New Universal Motor From NORD Drivesystems


A Solution that extends NORD's portfolio of asynchronous electric motors

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