What is Biodiversity?

Biodiversity is the biological variety of all living organisms in their habitat and ecosystems on land, water and in the air.

We maintain a NORD biodiversity area on our premises, where a small area of nature can recover. Such a hedgerow can provide shelter for up to more than 700 different animal species on the total expandable area of about 2000 m².

So far, we have developed an area of 350m² that will continue to grow over the next years. Two newly installed insect hotels increase the diversity of our area and shall provide shelter for wild bees.

But why do we protect biodiversity?

Today, the number of living vertebrates on our planet has decreased by 60% since 1970.[1] The number of flying insects in Germany has decreased by more than 80% since 1989.[2] In the last 100 years, humans caused the extinction of more bird species than in the previous 3000 years.[3] The diversity of species helps to slow down climate change. Thanks to biological diversity, different microorganisms in the soil (fungi and bacteria) can ensure that more plant and animal remains provide the soil with nutrients and store carbon from the atmosphere than monocultures could. In spring 2023, we will keep you up to date with news on our local NORD biodiversity area.

Your CSR Team