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NORD DRIVESYSTEMS to Host Four Product Demonstrations with Live Q&A at PACK EXPO Connects Virtual Event

New products include condition monitoring for predictive maintenance and IE5+ Ultra-Premium High Efficiency synchronous motors.

NORD Smooth Body Gear Units and nsd tupH Sealed Surface Conversion Pave a New Way for Food Processing and Extreme Environment Drive Systems

Washdown-ready smooth body gear units, motors, and variable frequency drives bring an innovative alternative to expensive, bulky stainless steel, while nsd tupH provides these units with even greater protection for food manufacturing and other strictly regulated industries.

MAXXDRIVE® XT Industrial Gear Units – Powerful Drive Units for Heavy-Duty Conveyor Belts

Two-stage MAXXDRIVE XT right-angle gear units from NORD are ideal for belt conveyor systems in heavy-duty applications such as the bulk material and mining industries. Available in seven case sizes, these rugged units provide powers from 50 – 1500 HP, output torques between 130,000 – 600,000 lb-in., and speed ratios from 6:03 – 22.4:1. They can also cover ratios up to 30,000:1 when paired with an auxiliary primary stage gear unit.

NORD DRIVESYSTEMS Offers Variable Frequency Drives from 0.33 to 200 HP

Full line of drive electronics provides exceptional flexibility with a wide range of customization options.

NORD Offers New Technical Innovation for Mixing and Agitating Processes

MAXXDRIVE® industrial gear units provide an ideal solution for specialized applications.

More efficient bending with parallel shaft gear motors from NORD DRIVESYSTEMS

The Swedish machine manufacturer Comeco has revised the drive concept of its rebar bending machines and equips this next generation equipment with electric drives from NORD DRIVESYSTEMS. Compared to the classic hydraulic solution, these electric drives offer numerous advantages in terms of robustness, safety, and operating convenience. They are also easier to maintain and run more efficiently to save cost.

NORD Hollow Socket Shaft Design Eliminates Need for Problematic Couplings

Custom-engineered shaft options are now widely available to provide coupling-free installations on select gear units.

NORDAC PRO SK 500P: The latest generation of NORD cabinet mounted variable frequency drives

High performance in the control cabinet: The NORDAC PRO SK 500P variable frequency drives from NORD DRIVESYSTEMS are equipped with an integrated multi-protocol Ethernet interface, multi-encoder interface for multiple axis operation, and USB interface for voltage-free parameterization.

NORD MAXXDRIVE® Industrial Gear Units: Ideal for Heavy-duty Applications

NORD DRIVESYSTEMS provides robust industrial gear units that are characterized by very high power density, quiet operation, and top reliability. The modular system with its many configuration options ensures an extremely high level of design flexibility.

NORD Launches Online Spare Parts Shop

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New online tool makes ordering spare and replacement parts easier than ever.

Decentralized NORD drive technology in large wine cellars

For more than eight years, NORD DRIVESYSTEMS has supplied the leading French manufacturer of wine pumps, CAZAUX ROTORFLEX, with decentralized drive systems for their patented rotary lobe pumps (pompes à lobes). These systems are are in high demand from winegrowers and cellar masters around the world and consist of a geared motor combined with a variable frequency drive. NORD products were selected by CAZAUX for this application due to their versatility, reliability, and precise functionality.

NORD Expands with New Products and Strategic Investments

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Company planning and development stays the course in 2020.

NORD DRIVESYSTEMS Expands Surface Protection Offering

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Company announces new, high-quality coating options for customized drive solutions.

NORD Geared Motors for Gravel pits & Quarries

Getriebemotor als Antrieb für Förderbänder

The NorStone AG gravel works in Tau in South West Norway has changed over to robust geared motors from NORD DRIVESYSTEMS. The result: lower investment costs, increased operating reliability, better process reliability as well as reduced energy consumption due to improved efficiency.

New Cabinet VFDs from NORD

NORD DRIVESYSTEMS has launched the NORDAC® PRO SK 500P, a state-of-the-art control cabinet VFD with ultimate functionality, connectivity, and modularity. These variable frequency drives have an impressive number of interfaces for communication and field buses, innovative features, and a number of extension possibilities.

NORD Gearmotors Drive the Grain Industry


NORD keeps the grain industry moving with safe, reliable, and efficient solutions to power bucket elevators, conveyors, feeders, slide gates, and more.

New Energy-Efficient Motor Provides a Power Range from 0.16 to 60 HP

New UNIVERSAL motor from NORD

New UNIVERSAL motor extends NORD's portfolio of asynchronous electric motors

NORD to Demonstrate its Intelligent Drive Solutions for Intralogistics at MODEX 2020

LOGIDRIVE™ is a complete energy-efficient solution

Supply chain efficiencies are powered by NORD’s high-performance drive systems

Extruder Flange Options Extend Versatility of MAXXDRIVE Industrial Gear Units

MAXXDRIVE with extruder flange

Manufacturers in the plastics and rubber processing industries appreciate the long service life, low maintenance, and energy efficiency of NORD’s drive solutions

Predictive Maintenance Concepts from NORD

With the drive solutions from NORD DRIVESYSTEMS, drive and status data can be recorded regularly or permanently in order to optimize the operational safety and efficiency of plant and machinery. Based on this information, concepts for predictive maintenance can also be developed.

NORD Delivers as Exclusive Power Transmission Provider for Robotic Parking Systems

Inside an automated parking structure

Twenty-year relationship punctuated by two Guinness World Records for Robotic Parking’s next-generation parking facilities

NORD Gear to Showcase Gear Units for Poultry Processing Industry at IPPE 2020

Overhead Conveyor Drive

From conveying to pumping to packaging, heavy washdown environments are no problem for NORD’s high-performance drive systems

Intelligent Frequency Inverters for Digital Production

NORD DRIVESYSTEMS provides pioneering drive solutions for networking and connection of an Industry 4.0 environment. By pioneering hardware and software, NORD drive technology enables networked or autonomous production processes of the “Smart Factory” and keeps them running.

NORD Drives Make Energy History

Commissioned at the Chur sewage treatment plant in Switzerland, NORD drive technology moves the world’s first folding solar roof. Thanks to their integrated PLC, NORD DRIVESYSTEMS’ frequency inverters can be used to implement many intelligent control concepts, as dhp technology - a Swiss start-up - impressively demonstrates with this project.

New Bluetooth Commissioning and Service Solution Available from NORD

NORDCON APP and NORDAC® ACCESS BT provide wireless monitoring of variable frequency drives

NORD Delivers Drive Solutions for Intelligent Brewing

The traditional art of brewing meets innovative technology

Cover story highlights how two breweries rely on NORD products to produce specialized brews

NORD Gear Expands its Charlotte Facility to Keep Pace with Demand

Renovations are underway as N.C. facility expands

Manufacturing and office space at satellite facility in Charlotte to double in size as NORD’s southeast presence grows

NORD Supports the Digital Transition

4.0 ready

Networking and connection to the Industry 4.0 environment are major topics in the industry. With its drive solutions, NORD DRIVESYSTEMS provides the prerequisites for "smart factories" and supports customers with communication and application know-how in the digitalization process.

NORD to Showcase Extensive Line of Packaging Industry Solutions at PACK EXPO 2019

NORD’s intelligent drive solutions increase productivity, reduce costs for packaging, processing and material handling industries

Power Transmission Engineering Shines Spotlight on NORD’s Focus on Efficiency

NORD's VFDs are seeing widespread adoption in intralogistics.

Article highlights NORD’s ability to deliver new technologies and system efficiency with new decentralized drives, NORDAC ACCESS BT and more

Clay in Rapid Transit Railway Tunnel Construction Challenges Drive Technology

Special requirements for the conveyor belts and their drive technology: Special conveyor belt systems and geared motors are needed for the construction of the tunnels for the "London Crossrail".

NORD Gear Tapped to Develop and Deliver Training for GEAPS

NORD MAXXDRIVE industrial gear units are perfect for heavy duty applications.

Online course will provide training on grain elevator equipment maintenance

NORD Named a Top 10 Motion Control Systems Provider for 2019

Distinguished panel taps global leader in drive technology solutions for inclusion based on industry prowess and growth

NORD Extends Line of Single-Stage Gear Units


New NORDBLOC® helical gear units deliver industry-leading thrust load capacity

NORD Gives Customers Multiple Paths to Convenient, Rapid Support

From afterhours assistance to a robust online configuration tool, NORD’s superior customer service helps drive three years of double-digit sales growth.

Modular ATEX drives - Protection against gas and dust

As an ATEX certified manufacturer, NORD DRIVESYSTEMS has many years of experience with explosion protected drive technology. Explosion protected drives from NORD are in use in almost all sectors of industry.

Gear Solutions Magazine Profiles NORD

NORD gear motors

A look back with an eye toward the future as NORD moves forward into its fifth decade in the United States.

TORQUEPROTECT™ Delivers Unmatched Visibility and Control over Torque Performance

The TORQUEPROTECT system provides continuous, real-time torque load data to a control panel.

Real-time torque monitoring and feedback provide peace of mind to operators in wastewater treatment and power generation industries

Powerful Agitation Gear Unit – Drive solutions from NORD with reinforced bearings

NORD DRIVESYSTEMS supplies reliable drive technology with reinforced bearings and increased bearing spacing for the processing industry. This ensures maximum radial and axial load capacities and longer service life of the gear units.

Drive solutions from NORD reduce operating costs

To optimize total cost of ownership, NORD DRIVESYSTEMS provides powerful and efficient low-maintenance drive concepts from its modular system.

NORD smooth motors Ideal for the food and beverage industry

Smooth Surface Motors

From its own production, NORD DRIVESYSTEMS offers ventilated and unventilated motors with smooth surfaces for areas with high hygiene standards. Their washdown-optimized cast aluminum housings make them easy to clean.

Aluminum Gearbox Solutions

Modern gear designs have to be compact, powerful, economical and above all they need to be lightweight. NORD DRIVESYSTEMS offers a wide range of durable and lightweight aluminum gearbox configurations.

New energy-saving motors for Brazil

NORD DRIVESYSTEMS has extended its portfolio of energy-efficient motors for the Brazilian market.

NORD Delivers Next-generation Conveyor Systems for Airports

NORD Drivesystems’ NORDAC® LINK controlling a two-stage helical bevel gearbox with an IE4 motor.

Company to showcase integrated baggage handling solutions at 2019 AAAE Conference

NORD Announces Expansion and 40th Anniversary

NORD GEAR Corporation’s 2019 expansion plans.

Delivering double-digit sales growth for three consecutive years, NORD is expanding for the sixth time since it built its North American headquarters in Waunakee, WI.

NORD drives ensure trenchless tunnel construction in Abu Dhabi

A new sewage tunnel is under construction in the capital of the United Arab Emirates. Drive solutions from NORD ensure safe transport of personnel and materials in the access shafts.

NORD at bauma 2019

The MAXXDRIVE® XT industrial gear unit series intended for high thermal limit powers extends the proven range of industrial gear units.

NORD Industrial Gear Units

Industriegeriebemotor im Einsatz in einem Pumpspeicherwerk

The “Linthal 2015” project, the underground central chamber for a new pumped storage power station. The conveyor belts were driven by NORD industrial gear units .

NORD Gear Conveyor Technologies in Quarries

The metal construction company SMIL, located in Montpellier, produces conveyor system solutions relying on drives from Northern Germany. In a quarry in the southern French commune of Gardanne, geared motors by NORD DRIVESYSTEMS guarantee safe and efficient conveyor operation.

NORD at the LogiMAT 2019

Efficient systems from NORD DRIVESYSTEMS were presented at the LogiMAT 2019 in Stuttgart.

Industrial gear units by NORD in new sizes

NORD DRIVESYSTEMS' industrial gear units are particularly robust and durable. These high load capacity drives are used in heavy-duty applications such as agitators, mixers, and grinders.

Drive solutions for sewage plants

In the field of water treatment, the drive technology is decisive for the availability and efficiency of pumping and fan stations.

Electricity from sunlight

Solar power plants make an important contribution to climate protection. In the Gemasolar plant near Fuentes de Andalucia in Southern Spain, robust drive units from NORD DRIVESYSTEMS ensure the alignment of the gigantic mirrors for collecting solar energy.

App and Bluetooth stick: NORD gets things moving


Mobile handling of drive technology - NORD DRIVESYSTEMS makes this possible with the NORDCON APP and the NORDAC ACCESS BT Bluetooth stick. Thanks to this innovative solution, users can be more flexible and efficient, resulting in real added value in their daily work.

Integrated Drive Solutions

NORD's Logidrive technology is ideal for intralogistics applications

At PROMAT 2019 – NORD displays new drive technology for conveyor and warehousing systems … increasing productivity and return on investment

New MAXXDRIVE® XT Industrial Gear Units Launched

NORD delivers a full drive package for bulk material handling with the new MAXXDRIVE® XT series.

Optimized design for maximum thermal ratings – and engineered for extreme industrial conveying applications

Nord Gear Limited Receives Supplier Excellence Award


NORD GEAR Limited awarded the Supplier Excellence Award for 2018 by Burlington Automation Corporation. An achievement which recognizes NORD'S continuous performance in surpassing customer expectations.

Smart drives for greater efficiency

hmi 2018 nord drivesystems booth at fair

NORD DRIVESYSTEMS impresses trade fair visitors to Hanover with innovative drive technology for increased safety, efficiency and digital networking in industry and intralogistics.

Intelligent drive technology

intelligent drive technology

Due to PLC and position control within the frequency inverters, several drives by NORD DRIVESYSTEMS can be synchronized in Master /Slave mode. Thus, functions such as synchronized movement and flying saw operation can be implemented decentrally.

See Improvements in Grain Processing Technology at GEAPS '19

NORD’s MAXXDRIVE industrial gear unit line is just one of the grain handling solutions you’ll see at the GEAPS Exchange, March 9-12, 2019

NORD Gear Corporation to unveil new products and innovative solutions for the grain industry

Young Talent

new apprentices

NORD DRIVESYSTEMS is investing heavily in training young talent and offers a wide range of entry options for commercial, business, and technical fields. In 2018 a total of 16 new colleagues started their training.

NORD Drive Products at IPPE

Complete Portfolio of nsd tupH Drive Solutions

NORD’s NSD TUPH™ surface conversion products provide a superior sanitary washdown solution for food producers – at a fraction of the cost of stainless steel drive systems

myNORD: The right drive solution at a click

The myNORD customer portfolio provides practical support for the configuration and ordering of your drive technology. Simple, always available and fast.

Drives for Pallet Conveyors


Pallet conveyor technology primarily requires economical drive solutions with high overload capacity.

NORD 911 Customer Support is Available 24/7

Our customer support philosophy demonstrates our commitment to your success

The Octopi Brewing Co. is a leading US contract brewery which is especially active in the booming craft beer segment. The company uses durable NORD geared motors on the mash and lauter tuns.

BrauBeviale 2018: Robust drives

When producing beer and other alcoholic-based beverages, the highest hygiene standards must be met.

New Products and Booth Unveiled at Pack Expo

NORD Gear Corporation unveiled a new trade show booth at PACK EXPO in October. The event is the world’s largest packaging trade show, attracting 50,000+ professionals from global consumer packaged goods brands, manufacturers and retailers.

PROFIsafe module SK TU4-PNS

Extra Safety - Functional Safety gains more and more importance as a fundamental component in the modern machine and plant design and it is an indispensable aspect of the drive systems from NORD.

What Is a Gearmotor and What Are Its Uses?

The Full Range of NORD Products

Electric Motors, Gear Motors, Gear Units and Inverters

Grain Processing System Solutions

Grain requires temperature control, protection from sparks or electrical arcs and the restriction of contamination in conveyance systems.

NORD Gear Motors for Conveyor Systems

Worm, Spiral Helical Bevel and Helical Inline Gear Motors

Food Automation Processing Equipment

As the food industry becomes increasingly automated, food and beverage firms are turning toward industrial-grade processing solutions.

MyNORD Customer Portal

Working with NORD has never been easier.

NORD Launches Next Generation Two-Stage Bevel Gear Motors

NORD's New SK 920072.1

Compact design and washdown housing option are ideal for light conveying and manufacturing



Decentralized Drives from NORD

The new filtration systems from the machinery manufacturer TMCI Padovan ensure perfect taste for an Italian liqueur producer. Decentralized NORD drives ensure that the machines operate with high efficiency.

High efficiency drive technology for intralogistics applications


NORD DRIVESYSTEMS now offers standardized, high efficiency drive solutions, especially for horizontal and inclined conveyors. LogiDrive systems are maintenance-friendly and enable reduction of the number of versions in intralogistics without great effort.

Intelligent drive solutions increase productivity and reduce costs

Full Line of nsd tupH Solutions - Gearbox, Motor, VFD

NORD Gear brings integrated drive technology for food processing, packaging, and material handling industries at PACK EXPO 2018.

iba 2018: Food grade drive units by NORD DRIVESYSTEMS

Agitators, conveyor systems, weighing and filling plants or packaging machinery: NORD DRIVESYSTEMS offers efficient and hygienic drive solutions for the bakery industry. They will be displayed at iba in Munich from September 15 to 20, 2018.

Next-Gen Drive Solutions

Time lapse test for untreated aluminum versus NSD TUPH

NORD demonstrates breakthrough stainless steel alternative

Frequency Inverters by NORD

theatre Duisburg

Modern automation technology at the Duisburg Theatre ensures perfect coordination of stage set, light, and sound. Frequency inverters by NORD are an important element of the drive solution.

NORD Expands Helical Worm Product Line

SK02040.1 with direct mounted NORD motor

High-strength aluminum alloy delivers reliable performance in cost-effective and lightweight design

Drive solutions for cleaning gondolas - Safe at any height

Geared motors and frequency inverters with precise positioning abilities lift and rotate the cage from which maintenance and cleaning personnel are able to reach every corner of the undulating façade of the “New York by Gehry” skyscraper.

NORD provides product data with EPLAN

NORD-Produktdaten in der EPLAN-Datenbank

NORD provides product macros as well as technical and electrical device data for its electronic drive components in the EPLAN database.

Simple scaling of NORD inverter functions

Software to configurate freqency inverters - NORD CON Software zur Paramatrisierung von Frequenzumrichtern - NORD CON

Drive functions can be taken over decentrally via the software or hardware control capability of NORD frequency inverters.

Explosion-protected drive units for mill security

Explosion-protected drive units

Raw materials are ground and refined in various processes in the Arnreiter Mill in Austria.

Innovative and cost-saving drive systems

NORD's LogiDrive: efficient 2-stage helical bevel gearbox & IE4 synchronous motor driven by NORDAC LINK field distribution unit

NORD Gear delivers complete, integrated material handling solutions

Drives for Process Technology

Flammable gases and dust in processing industries create serious safety risks for people and machines. Explosion protected drive solutions .

myNORD Customer Portal

myNORD customer portal – configure drive solutions online

From 23 to 27 April 2018, NORD DRIVESYSTEMS will be presenting its intelligent and future-oriented drive solutions for intralogistics and industrial applications at the Hannover Fair and CeMAT.

Drive solutions for the airport industry – always on the move!


Customized solutions, reliable technology, global service – NORD DRIVESYSTEMS supplies optimized drive solutions for every airport application. Efficient, reliable, proven.

Drives from NORD with NSD tupH Sealed Surface Conversion


Durable and reliable – even in extremely harsh operating conditions. In his processing center, Dutch mussel processor Krijn Verwijs relies on corrosion-resistant drive solutions from NORD.

Intelligent Drives from NORD


Decentralized drive concepts from NORD pave the way for the evolution of control architecture from the automation pyramid to intelligent automation networks.

Single stage NORDBLOC.1 helical gear unit


NORD DRIVESYSTEMS has extended its successful NORDBLOC.1 series with a single stage gear unit.

Drive technology for handling bulk materials


NORD offers reliable, safe and customized drive solutions for handling bulk materials - such as the motor swing base solution for a phosphate mine in Morocco.

Next Generation Drive Systems to be Showcased at AAAE 2018

NORD's Complete Solution: energy efficient two-stage bevel, IE4 motor and NORDAC Link Field Distribution Unit

NORD Gear brings full portfolio of integrated baggage handling solutions

Need Reliability in Your Supply Chain?

24/7/365 NORD Support

Flexible, reliable and always available. You can rest assured knowing that your NORD product will be where you need it and when you need it.

Drives for Parcel Processing Centers


Reliable, rugged, networked and intelligent – NORD provides custom and Industry 4.0-ready drive solutions for parcel centers.

NORDAC LINK – Drives for Warehouse Logistics


At the 6th annual Technical Press Days event in Hamburg, NORD DRIVESYSTEMS presented its LogiDrive drive solution.

Predictive Maintenance and Optimal Use of Resources

process data pump drive

NORD DRIVESYSTEMS is developing cost-effective and reliable virtual sensor functionality for condition monitoring.

Industry 4.0: Intelligent and Energy-Efficient Drives

Complete electronic drive solutions from NORD Drivesystems Komplettlösungen Elektronische Antriebstechnik von NORD Drivesystems

NORD DRIVESYSTEMS equips its drive electronics with decentralized intelligence to take the load off a higher-level control unit and ensure optimal service. However, user-friendliness and energy efficiency are increasingly moving into the spotlight.

Corrosion protection and Two-stage helical bevel gear units

Glattmotor 2-stugiges Kegelradgetriebe

NORD DRIVESYSTEMS offers many years of experience, comprehensive expertise and innovative solutions for the food and beverage industry.

NORD Single-Stage Gear Unit

New NORDBLOC.1 Single-Stage

NORDBLOC.1 SIngle-Stage easily handles high thrust forces with heavy-duty capacity options for high speed pumping and mixing.

Parallel Shaft Gearbox From NORD

New Clicher Sizes

Whether your application involves mixing, agitating, conveying or another high torque manufacturing process, reducing downtime is of the utmost importance.

Record-size industrial gear unit in a one-piece housing

Industrial Gear Unit Industriegetriebe

NORD DRIVESYSTEMS, a leader in drive technology, has engineered an industrial gear unit with 2,124,179 lb-in rated torque load and various application-specific features for a phosphate mine in Morocco. It is to date the largest system with a one-piece gear case.

Thriving in India


NORD DRIVESYSTEMS has committed INR 45 mn (approx. 660,000 USD) to the expansion of its Indian subsidiary. The investment was used to establish a new service area at the NORD DRIVESYSTEMS Pvt. Ltd. facility in Pune.

NORD invests in new assembly plant and office in Mexico

NORD investment in mexico

On the occasion of its tenth anniversary, NORD DRIVESYSTEMS S.A. de C.V. Mexico opened a new, larger assembly plant and office in Huimilpan, in the state of Querataro, Mexico.

New MAXXDRIVE® Case Size 14 Available

New MAXXDRIVE™ Case Size 14

NORD Gear Corporation has expanded its MAXXDRIVE large industrial gear unit product line to include the case size 14.

Motor Efficiency And Why It Matters

NORD Electric Motor Assembly

The Department of Energy’s revision to the 2007 EISA regulations’ requirements for minimum energy efficiency went into effect in June requiring most continuous duty, general purpose, commercial and industrial electric motors to be at least premium efficient.

Large Industrial Gearbox Assembly - Now in Wisconsin!

MAXXDRIVE Assembly in Waunakee

NORD Gear Corporation is now assembling our line of MAXXDRIVE™ large industrial gear drives at the Waunakee, WI plant.

Get a taste for the NORD solution!


Producing fine chocolate requires a large amount of time spent stirring. In the conche alone, the chocolate is agitated for 18 hours.

Heavy-duty Gearmotors


The Wuhan Iron and Steel Group (WISCO) operates a port in Wugang near the East China Sea that handles iron ore. The cranes and conveyor systems at the port must include highly reliable drives.

AC vector drives ULC certified for Canadian market


NORD DRIVESYSTEMS AC vector drives up to 90 kW have been certified by Underwriters Laboratories of Canada.

Industrial gear units

Industrial Gear Units with 190kNm Industriegetriebe mit 190kNm

NORD DRIVESYSTEMS extends the successful large industrial gearbox product range by adding a new size with 140,136 lb-ft. output torque. The MAXXDRIVE® series now comprises nine sizes and covers torques from 224 to 2,196,000 lb-in.

Stay on track with reliable overhead conveyors

Overhead Conveyor Drive

All NORD products offer heavy-duty construction and high quality precision machined components, and NORD’s overhead conveyors are no exception.

NORD Aluminum Alloy Gearboxes

Durable equipment that withstands a variety of harsh environments, sanitation solutions and high pressure wash downs is essential in the beverage industry.

Distributed Control Motor Soft Starters

Eliminate uncontrolled starting and mechanical strain on your drive components with the SK135E/SK175E soft start drive family.

Mix it up with NORD!

NORD Counter Rotating Stack Mixer

NORD gearboxes are oil-tight, hygienic, and non-contaminating, which makes them ideal for mixing applications.

Heavy Duty Spread Bearing Design

NORD offers several variations of the VL heavy duty spread bearing designs, all which have specific features and advantages based on the specific mixing and agitating application requirements.

NORD Drives power large roll forming equipment

21 NORD Parallel Shaft Gearmotors

In metal plants all over the world, NORD Drivesystems provides comprehensive drive solutions for every process. NORD systems are engineered to meet the industry requirements of today – and live up to requirements of the future.

NORD Screw Conveyor Drive

Compact, Reliable, Cost Effective

The NORD Screw Conveyor Package offers a compact and cost effective alternative to traditional screw conveyor drives.Closely stepped speed reduction ratios combined with a directly coupled gearmotor or NEMA C-face input design eliminates the need for top motor mounts, pulleys, belts or guards.

Aluminum Alloy Gearmotor

NORD's NSDtupH sealed surface conversion works great in extreme environments.

NORD Gear Corporation's Sealed Surface Conversion (NSDtupH) protects aluminum alloy housings with an ulta-hard, scratch, and corrosion resistant surface that is a cost effective alternative to stainless steel.

NORD GEAR Introduces the Smooth Surface Motor

NORD Gear corporation's Smooth Surface Motor is now available for the North American market and for export to key global markets. NORD Smooth Surface Motors include both the HM and HMT series.

Smart standard drives provide servo dynamics and precision


Paired with AC Vector drives with smart control functionality, IE2 and IE3 standard asynchronous motors as well as permanent-magnet IE4 synchronous motors can deliver servo-level dynamics and agility.

Power/mation Recognizes NORD Gear

created by 'JShanesy (John Shanesy (NORD - US)) (John Shanesy (NORD - US))' on uploading a picture

Power/mation, a high-tech automation distributor headquartered in St. Paul, Minnesota, recently recognized NORD Gear by presenting their Dynamic Partner Award for Product Innovation.

Corrosion-Resistant Gear Drives At Work

Toughest Shell in the Shellfish Line

In the Krijn Verwijs shellfish production center, rapid drive corrosion due to a saltwater atmosphere is a major concern. NORD aluminum alloy-housed gear drives, with the unique NSDtupH surface conversion system, provide an economical solution.

American Gear Manufacturers Association

For the past 50 years, NORD Gear Corporation, known globally as NORD Drivesystems, has introduced new practices in overcoming common problems.

2 Stage Helical-Bevel Design

2 Stage Helical-Bevel

The next generation of premium efficient gearboxes from NORD Drivesystems has been released for the North American market.

New Version of

The redesigned NORD website is formatted for mobile devices, providing easy instant access to information on drive systems.

The complete world of drive technology at the tip of a finger: the new NORD DRIVESYSTEMS website has a new look and includes enhanced usability for mobile devices.

Conveyor Drives & Industrial Gear Units

Bargteheide – At the 2014 Hannover Fair, NORD DRIVESYSTEMS showcased high-efficiency drive solutions for conveying applications. NORD's compact, two-stage helical bevel gear units were combined with energy-saving motors.

Versatile Drive Systems

Integrated materials handling drives from NORD

NORD DRIVESYSTEMS supplies versatile drive systems with a single operation concept for conveying tasks across all branches of industry.

Automated Baggage Handling Systems


NORD DRIVESYSTEMS presented a consistent drive concept for baggage handling in airports.

Drive Packages for baggage handling


At the inter airport Europe 2013 tradeshow, NORD DRIVESYSTEMS will show high-efficiency drive units for baggage handling systems combining two-stage helical-bevel gearboxes, energy-saving motors, and distributed frequency inverters.